‘Greedy politicians’ behind rising hydro rates

To the Expositor:

The hydro rates are going up again and I believe they were supposed to go up in January of next year. They will probably go up again then and it’s not even a month since the Liberals were re-elected.

Whoever elected Liberals should start feeling sorry for themselves because Premier Dalton McGuinty will not stop raising everything until your pockets are empty. It all has to do with greed and he probably gave the green light to go ahead to raise hydro rates again after he won.

That green energy they’re talking about is not going to work for anybody. It’s just going to cost more for the citizens. It will just benefit the corporations and government and people will go hungry and possibly homeless if they cannot afford to pay their bills. Even though it’s happening already, it will probably get worse. Those windmills are hazardous to people’s health and the wildlife because they keep finding bad side effects on these windmills.

There’s nothing but bad news and a lot of people are getting tricked into believing that they are not well. It’s time to wake up. Take a look at the reality of life. Personally I live by the reality of life and there are things that I see in which no one can solve except one and that one is God because God can only solve these problems.

Ron Osawabine