‘Remember Me’ to record all Island armed services personnel

To the Expositor: The Remember Me project is to record all armed service persons from the Manitoulin Island and area. It is hoped that this, when completed will be a great resource and a remembrance for all generations of the ones who gave so much in all the forces throughout the years. There are many pictures in closets now of the people which show our men and women but their names have been forgotten, and as time passes this will only continue to be the case. Information requested is, date of birth, marriage, death, parents, children, residences, occupations, rank, pictures, letter written home, the memories of war, pictures and anything of interest to bring the person to life. This will show that the person was more than just a picture in an album, a name on an archives file, or a stone or memorial somewhere in the world or locally. The goal is to also honour the ones who returned and the ones who throughout the years and are presently serving to avoid the same loss of our history in the future. The Manitoulin Genealogy Club would like to work with the other groups in the area to compile this. Thank you, for your time and look forward to working together in this worthwhile project as it can only be completed with the assistance of many. Let’s remember the ones who gave so much. Norma Hughson (nlhughson@manitoulin.net) Little Current