???? Biggest pumpkin at annual contest tops 300 pounds

Eleven pumpkins were in contention to be the biggest pumpkin, but Spencer Johnston took the prize. photo by Megan Gibson

GREEN BAY—There were 11 pumpkins entered into the annual Har-Cor Greenhouse 2018 pumpkin weigh-in held Thanksgiving Sunday, October 7 with the winner coming in at a whopping 340 pounds.

The pumpkin weights are as follows: Spencer Johnston, 340 pounds; Parker Johnston and Kowan Orford, 212 pounds; Tristan Eadie, 39 pounds and 33 pounds; Rachael Harper, seven pounds; Brandon and Kasey Spek, 160 and 139 pounds; Landin Woods, 120 pounds; Parker Woods, 110 pounds; Alexander Bond, six pounds; Alyssa Bond, seven pounds; and Emma Bond, 15 pounds.

First place honours went to Spencer Johnston for his 340-pound pumpkin; second place to Parker Johnston and Kowan Orford, 212 pounds; and third place, Brandon and Kasey Spek, 160 pounds.

Spencer said his key to success was “nothing special, I just watered it.” It was the first time Spencer had attempted to grow a pumpkin, and grow it he did.

“My dad thought it wasn’t going to go past 200 pounds,” Spencer grinned.

One bystander told the young growers that to get a head start on their massive pumpkins they should place a heating pad underneath the seeds overnight and once they’re outside, put a blanket on them at night.

The kids followed up the weigh-in with a delicious lunch of barbecued hot dogs supplied by Har-Cor Greenhouse.