💕 Manitoulin’s poets wax eloquent for Valentine’s Day 💕

And the winner is…

🏆 Love in the time of COVID 🏆
Love in the time of COVID
Who could have imagined
the times we are in?
The world and our lives
All thrown into a spin.
Struggling to cope
With the loss and the cost;
Looking for hope,
but feeling so lost.
How impossible it all seems,
To think at all of Valentine’s Day.
What is there to celebrate?
What is there to say?
Well, this got me thinking
about a new point of view.
Still focus on love,
but think big when you do!
Give your partner a kiss,
Add some hugs you can share,
Then expand your horizon:
See love everywhere.
Thank those who wear masks
for their safety and yours;
The neighbour who shovels
a path to your door.
A friend who cooks extra,
Brings a warm, tasty meal
to your doorstep and leaves it,
And asks how you feel.
A friend who will call you
when she’s just going out,
Saying, “What can I get you,
when I’m out and about?”
A friend who has rescued
two old folks in need,
more times than we can count,
a good friend indeed.
So some may say,
In Covid times,
It’s hard to celebrate.
But just look back.
You, like us, may see
bright and long and lovely lines
of kindly Covid Valentines.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Deborah Wilson
Tamarack Lane

Shining You
You shine
Like the sun on a vine
Where the warm grapes recline.
You shine
Like a glass of fine wine,
When by candles we dine.
You shine
Like the moonlight on pine
Or when bright stars align.
You shine
On my hope for a sign
That our hearts can entwine
Perry Anglin
Central Manitoulin

Well well Valentine’s Day
‘bout time you appear!
I do believe we need
Your message this year.
You’re not just promoting
Fine chocolates and a rose
(Although I admit to
Liking both of those.)
Love is your message:
It is simple and pure.
Let’s extend it to all
So the stress we may cure.
Sometimes we get stuck
In a battle of wills
Which leads to strong outbursts
And kindness gets chilled.
But take a deep breath
Differences are okay;
Enough with the preaching…
More compassion, I say!
No more ‘us versus them’
Put hard feelings aside
Offer an ear and a smile
You’ll feel better inside.
Patrick Keating

All the Fire We Can Find
Embers on a hearth,
Small warmth that heats a hand
Yet, as if by some magic
When tinder is placed just so
And a gentle breath is given
Smoke curls and rises
Until a small spurt of flame appears
It grows and grows.
Before long, that kindled blaze fills the room
And light and warmth reach each dark corner.
Such is Love’s first act
As a word, glance or smile is given
With test of time and trial
It becomes more than its parts
Until that true and pure passion
Emerges to envelop and caress
And bring its light to each searching soul
A flame, not for an hour or a night,
But a lifetime of warmth and wonder.
It is the fire that has found the two of us- and it remains.
Tom Scott

An Admiring Haiku
for A Mystery You
Music in your soul
Lives local though southern born
Fooling with fake sharks
Roxie Hart
Thunder Bay and Manitoulin

Forbidden one
How I remember the summer days
Watching you toil as you roil the soil,
Speaking in your flowery ways…
Your gift of popped corn propelled me strong,
The kindness glowed in a land strange and dark
Through the most taxing of evenings, needlessly long,
As your masterful skills eased the maddest dog’s bark.
Alas, us two must never be
Your kingdom and mine may not rest together free
Wherefore, I say!
Wherefore art thou from Tehkummah?
Now I know my yearning must cease
But nary from Grimesthorpe to Squirrel Town may I find my peace.
Shawn Cloterre
Manitoulin’s south shore

Sweet Dreams
If I could dream a sweeter dream,
that makes all my dreams come true,
I would dream of love and happiness,
to last my whole life through.
There would be wonderful times shared,
and hugs and kisses by the score,
with stars and the moon above,
and many sunny days galore.
There might be a few raindrops,
to wash away the blues,
but they would be short lived,
as I’ll spend my days with you.
I can’t dream any sweeter dream,
than what I’ve already done,
my dreams came true long ago,
showing me you are the one.
I don’t need to dream a sweeter dream,
than this life we made together,
love and happiness at its best,
through all kinds of weather.
“I love you my Darling, Murray
and I’ll love you happily ever after.”
Melody Hore

To my fisherman
I might be bitchin’
About the scales
Around my kitchen
Or the odour of fishy stink
That permeates
My stainless sink
From perch to trout
My man can catch
Without a doubt
But kindness shows
With free filets 
Where’re he goes
When we first met
Those years ago
My hook was set
I’ll cast a line
And ask you this:
‘Will you be mine?’
The finishing stanza
Wishes you luck
In the Ice Extravaganza 
Happy Valentine’s Day, Babe!
Lots of love,
Alicia McCutcheon

Valentine’s Day 2021
Valentine’s Day 
May I just say, boy, I missed that buffet!
Anyway, I just stay in my Chevrolet with Alexa on display.
No ballet or bouquets or cafes,
just me and Alexa in my Chevrolet.
Elizabeth Moggy

N’Zaa gi go, I am Loved
To the one who loves me?
I cannot see him
But I feel his love surround me.
He provides for all my needs,
He’s a father to my children,
He knows everything about me,
And loves me more.
He is only a thought and a prayer away.
He hears the longing of my heart.
He loves me in spite of myself.
He is my constant companion.
I depend on him daily.
He is never late, his timing is perfect.
No matter what I do.
He will never let me go.
He is reliable, trustworthy, unfailing,
Unwavering, constant, and steadfast.
He is my God.
God is Love.
Paula Kakegamic
Andeck Omni Kaning

Approximately Highway 6
She is one who keeps going by
Caught in a wilder blues.
If you lose love without a heart
There’s nothing to refuse.
And if you want forever love,
(Not one to come and go),
But if you’re caught in a wilder blues
You just might never know.
Let her cruise in the blues,
She wants to cruise in the blues.
Let her cruise in the blues;
Always free in the blues.
Dreams of you will come and go,
Caught in a wilder blues.
Highways loom around the world
To make life what we chose.
Shadows fall against the sky
To leave things where they lie.
The human race can stay the same,
But I had to say goodbye.
Let me cruise in the blues,
I want to cruise in the blues.
Let me cruise in the blues;
Always free in the blues.
Craig McLean
Little Current

Valentine Hopes 
With Valentine’s Day very near,
Hope to celebrate with me and my Dear,
Can’t go anywhere as COVID we fear,
We’ll just stay home stay safe, stay clear.
If and when COVID is gone next year,
We can dine out and toast a cheer! 
Pauline Martin

True meaning of Valentine’s Day
Chocolate galore,
Who knew Valentine’s Day means so much more?
It’s a way to say ‘I love you’ with chocolate and flowers,
And for businesses to make money off all the sweet gestures,
Sweethearts and daisies might not seem like too much,
But when given to someone great, hey, become more than enough,
There is no need for chocolates and flowers, 
All you have to do is make time for others,
That is what Valentine’s Day is truly for.
Alexis McVey
Gore Bay

Dear Ursula
How do I say “I love you”,
In a way that’s true and strong:
As we walk arm-in-arm, life’s pathway,
And day-after-day move along?
We’ve enjoyed much joy and laughter;
We’ve endured both hardship and strife:
But our tears always turned to sparkles,
As we shared our love in our life!
Our courtship was sealed in heaven,
When I gave my vows to you;
Then I looked at your smiling face,
As you gladly said “I do!”
We’ve walked many miles together,
‘Neath sunny and stormy skies;
As we piled up mounds of memories –
How quickly it is ‘time flies’!
Though the future’s not ours to see;
We know that when this life ends,
Sometime we’ll be back together,
With our Lord, our families and our friends!
Robert Paxton
Little Current

My Lovely Daughter
I remember the first day I saw her,
I smiled ear to ear,
I was happy to meet my lovely daughter.
She crosses my mind every day,
Ok, more like every hour.
She has changed my life in every way,
She is my lovely daughter.
Her character, her personality,
and a smile like no other,
I love being around my lovely daughter.
Her accomplishments, her goals and dreams,
Every day she gets stronger.
I am so proud of my lovely daughter.
I have never known anyone like her,
I am forever in her corner,
And I will forever love
My lovely daughter.
For Sierra,
Happy February 14th.
Mark Peltier

I love to see his sparkling eyes
twinkling bright at me
His smiling face
Always beaming!
I love to smell him near me.
His fragrance like incense
Mellow, yet sweet,
Like spice!
I love to hold him close
His warm body firm
Yet very lean,
So tightly!
I love him, I really do
And he loves me
So very much,
And purely!
Eric, sweet Eric, come to me
swiftly in the night,
lay by me-
Always close!
When the sun rises, please don’t.
Never ever leave me,
I’m hungry, darling,
Fill me.
Written for my husband by,
Linda L. Thiessen
Silver Water

Memories of Love
With love in his eyes, he cradled her and kissed her.
She smiled and kissed him back.
She was small, and he was so in love with her.
He kissed her again and held her in his arms.
The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day.
I was happy for them and wished Johnny and Angie well.
He swept her across the floor with ease and confidence.
He held her close and looked into her eyes.
She smiled back and put her head on his shoulders.
Patrick and Nancy danced the night away.
They were standing together side by side.
She looked up at him and he moved closer.
With a twinkle in his eyes and said, “she is just the right size for me!”
He measured their heights with his hand and Louis whispered “Mary”
as he snuggled closer to her.
Marjorie Trudeau

Valentine’s Quarantine Buddy
Times are strange with this COVID-19
Wear a mask, wash your hands and quarantine.
When will this end? It remains unseen.
We are all in this together, so be kind, not mean.
We have helped so many people with you by my side.
Playing music via Facebook Live, there’s no where to hide.
It has been an unprecedented year, but we are still here!
There is no place like home especially with you in it, my dear.
Even before we vowed till death do us part.
You already have all of me, especially my heart.
Things may not always be perfect but we are perfect together.
Through thick and thin, I will love you forever!
You are my pandemic in which there is no cure.
My love for you will always be pure.
In the school of life, you are my favourite study.
Happy Valentine’s Denise, I’m glad you’re my quarantine buddy!
Robbie Shawana

Love is reliable
Love is enduring
Love is comforting
And ever assuring
Love is safety
Love is calm
Love is contentment
Love is… where we belong
Lori Gordon

Every morning I come across every thought.
I look at the time, and miss your touch.
The warmth of your feeling I’ll miss the most.
It bothers me so much of feeling of not being close.
I remember the time we stand in the rain and how we reminisce the songs we used to sing.
I won’t forget the laughs we used to share, and how you sing Mariah Carey like you didn’t care.
Day by day, I fell for you.
I’m happy that I’ve finally met you.
Never thought it would be like this, but all I know,
I won’t forget that one kiss.
Adrianna Osawamick 

Feeling blue these days?
Our world is revolving in strange ways.
Just open your heart
Since we are all apart.
Love can be shown in many ways.
Need to stay strong in the coming days
Keep it together
As it won’t last forever;
Hope will climb on our earthly vines
Happy Valentine’s.
Debra Martin
Gore Bay

The Perfect Present
The tale as old as time has got it wrong:
Don’t bring your partner a rose, 
And don’t write them a love song
What you need to give your loved one, my friend, 
Is a stapler
Now hear this through to the end,
Nothing is more romantic than a stapler:
This I know,
For someone got it for me a long time ago, 
A stapler binds things together.
With just a click,
It could last forever.
To get someone a stapler,
It requires thought, 
Not just some generic present you bought.
It’s not like a rose that will fade real fast,
A stapler is a gift that will last and last. 
When you’re feeling down,
Its clickity-clack, 
Will make a joyous sound,
Whether it rusts,
Whether it gets old, 
It’s the finishing for the best love story ever told
So be the best partner this holiday, 
Because what they really need,
Is a stapler.
Alexandra Wilson-Zegil
Gore Bay