Causing disturbance, resisting arrest, mischief and threats in Espanola

ESPANOLA – On May 30, 2016 at 3:30 p.m., the Espanola Police Service received a call to attend the Royal Bank on Tudhope Street, in relation to a customer who was causing a disturbance inside.

Upon arrival, police spoke to an employee outside, who advised that a female customer was inside the bank screaming and yelling at staff, making others in the bank uncomfortable. When officers entered inside the bank, they encountered a female known to them, engaged in the behavior described by the employee. Officers approached the female and advised her that she had to leave the bank, but she refused and had to be physically escorted out of the bank, yelling, screaming and using profanity on her way out. She was subsequently arrested for causing a disturbance, and resisting arrest, and while enroute to the police station, she threatened to kill one of the arresting officers. When finally lodged at the police station, after she refused to exit the police vehicle, and kicked towards officer until she was secured in the cells, she spit on the wall, splashed toilet water around, and used her handcuffs to scratch paint off the bars.

As a result of the incident, the 25-year old Espanola resident was charged criminally with:

  • Cause Disturbance;
  • Resist Arrest;
  • Uttering Threats to Cause Death or Bodily Harm; and,
  • Mischief Under $5000.00 (2 counts)

Further, she was charged under the Trespass to Property Act with fail to leave premise when directed.

She will appear in Espanola Court on July 12, 2016, to answer to her charges.

Radar detector, detected

ESPANOLA – On June 5, 2016, a member of the Espanola Police Service on patrol through the Tim Hortons parking lot on Centre Street, observed a vehicle with a radar detector displayed on the dash, and plugged into the 12v accessory plug. The officer watched as the driver entered the vehicle and drove onto Centre Street, at which time the vehicle was stopped. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer noted that the radar detector was gone from the dash, and speaking to the driver, he denied having such a device, until cautioned that the Highway Traffic Act authorizes the search of vehicles where a police officer has reasonable grounds to believe contains a radar warning device. The driver produced the device, and explained that being a resident of Sault Ste Marie, he travels frequently to the USA, where the device is legal in a number of states. He was subsequently charged with drive motor vehicle with speed measuring warning device.

Although the use of speed measuring devices are legal to use in several Canadian Provinces, and US States, they are prohibited for use in the Province of Ontario, and their use can result in a fine of $170.00 and 3 demerit points upon conviction.