49-lot Assiginack subdivision gains Planning Board nod

MANITOULIN – Members of Manitoulin Planning Board unanimously granted draft approval to a proposed 49-lot seasonal subdivision in Assiginack, immediately north of Sunsite Estates, at the February 23 board meeting.

As reported in the February 3 edition of The Expositor, alongside the details of what the subdivision would entail, the planning board voted to defer the application at the January 26 meeting to allow stakeholders and board members more time to review the proposal.

Since the previous meeting, developer agent Jordan Chandler told the planning board that opening a road allowance along the Northeast Town/Assiginack border at the north end of the proposed subdivision would not be viable.

He also stated that an environmental impact statement, which began last summer, should be ready this spring. 

One of the partners that needed more time to review the agreement was the Township of Assiginack, which shared its perspectives during February.

Assiginack said it would stop-up and close the municipal road allowance within the plan area (between lots 25 and 26) and transfer the deed to the developers. It asked for confirmation that individual water servicing would be more cost-effective than hooking up to the existing water treatment plant for Sunsite Estates and it sought the completion of a subdivision development agreement that would address road construction and standards, servicing requirements, fire protection, emergency services access and lands dedicated to public purposes.

Assiginack has previously applied for a 28-year expansion of its landfill and expects to be able to handle the extra waste through its waste diversion campaign. Its fire chief added that there should be a dry hydrant (one that has an intake from Manitowaning Bay that a pumper can access from the roadside). The developer has stated it is open to discuss cost-sharing through a subdivision agreement.

Mr. Chandler indicated that individual water servicing would be more cost-effective because the new lots are seasonal and the Sunsite Estates water system has two-inch pipes; a major upgrade would be required to enable the new lots to join the network.

Members of the planning board suggested that the developers should consolidate the land parcels before they convey the new road (named Sandy Point Road) to the municipality.

Now that the board has extended draft approval, with conditions, to the subdivision plan, a 20-day period has opened for public notice and comments on the plan. The board gave a notice of decision to the applicant, to Assiginack and those who have requested a copy of the decision.

Anyone with objections about the board’s decision or any of the conditions in the deal can appeal to the local planning appeal tribunal until March 18. Once all of the appeals are processed, if any, the developer can move forward to fulfill the conditions of the approval.

The applicants have until February 23, 2024 (or three years from the date of the meeting) to address all of the conditions. Should they need any extra time, they must submit a request for extension no later than Christmas Day 2023.

Once all the conditions are fulfilled, the planning board will grant final approval for the subdivision plan.