4elements mobile studio visits Providence Bay

Artist Sharon Preen painted on site at the 4elements Living Arts outdoor event held in an area adjacent to the Providence Bay beach.

PROVIDENCE BAY – 4elements Living Arts moved their new mobile studio to an area adjacent to the Providence Bay beach earlier this month as part of its physically-distanced serial version of the annual Elemental Festival on Manitoulin Island. This event was the second in a series of outdoor art events this fall.

“We are blessed with a beautiful day, fabulous musicians and a very talented artist,” said Susan Snelling, chair of 4elements Living Arts. She noted, “this is only the start of what we’re going to do with the mobile studio.”

Artist Sharon Preen was painting on site, while musicians Emma McDaniel and Jamie Dupuis performed for two hours, followed by Jenna Maissoneuve for an additional two hours. A take home craft table, in keeping with the beehive theme of the studio, was available to all attendees.

“We asked all the artists that are taking part in our outdoor events this fall to do something related to bees,” said Ms. Snelling. She noted all artists’ work at these outdoor events will be used to decorate the mobile studio.

Ms. Preen created a beautiful painting using the theme of an Eliza Cook 1868 message, “the wild bee and the butterfly are bright and happy things to see, living beneath a summer sky and nesting in an orange tree.”