64th wedding anniversary drive-by parade held for Silver Water couple

Dozens of vehicles drove past the Addisons to celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary this past Sunday.

SILVER WATER – The drive-by wedding anniversary parade held for Arthur and Jean Addison this past Sunday was very likely the first of its kind in Silver Water.

“It’s a first for Silver Water as far as I know,” stated Arthur Addison of the 64th wedding anniversary celebration held for he and his wife Jean. “It went very well,” stated Danny Addison, Arthur’s brother, who along with his wife Joy organized the event. “There were between 25-30 vehicles of people on hand, including two fire trucks (in recognition of Arthur Addison’s many years on the Robinson Township Fire Department, including as fire chief). It was quite a thing for Silver Water.

“It was sure a nice afternoon,” stated Arthur. He pointed out the drive-by parade took place at 2 pm. “There were a lot of vehicles including the two fire trucks. It was nice to see all our friends and family,” he said, noting that along with Danny and Joy, “our son and a friend from Aurora were here as well.”
“There were not too many in the township that weren’t here. There were a lot of people from Silver Water and even from Mindemoya, with Jim and Joanne Smith, who are very good friends, here as well,” continued Arthur.

“It was something that we didn’t expect,” stated Arthur. “Jean and I sat close on a bench to watch everyone go by. It was wonderful. Down the road we could see the fire trucks, Colin Frame was driving one of the fire truck with Doug Wismer on the other one, with the sirens and lights flashing on both.” 

Jean and Arthur Addison of Silver Water celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary in grand style this past Sunday. A large group of their family and friends took part in a drive-by parade to wish them anniversary wishes.

Arthur and Jean Addison, “were married on June 14, 1956,” he stated.  

Danny Addison pointed out, “I am Arthur’s younger brother and Joy and I live in Brantford, Ontario,” he said, noting he is originally from Silver Water. “My wife and I celebrated our 42nd anniversary on June 3, and Arthur was my best man at our wedding.” 

“In our lifetime married we have made a lot of friends, and it was so nice to see many of them here,” said Arthur. After the parade, while maintaining social distancing due to COVID-19, “we had a Sunday social at home with family, Ardith Cull and other friends with desserts including pies, cookies and cake on the deck and the lawn. We kept our distance together. It was sure nice to see how many friends we have and family on hand,” added Arthur.