A castigation of the Hydro One and all involved

To the Expositor:

Hydro One is making the news again with their billing tactics and the Ombudsman calls it extortion because Hydro One is using threatening tactics against consumers and that’s against the law. The Energy Minister does not want to get involved though it’s probably that Kathleen Wynne who is planning to sell off part of Hydro One and that’s going to affect our hydro bills. If that happens, citizens need to take action now instead of just complaining all the time. Stand up to this government, do not let them walk all over you. With all the criminal activities that have been going on with the Liberal government and with all the scandals and the Sudbury by-election it’s a form of bribery, or it could be. The investigation is still going on because they will go to any length just to hold power, even if that means breaking the law and they are so good at it. Somebody is going to take the fall. I believe Kathleen Wynne is somehow behind this one so she can do as she wishes, and the Energy Minister should retire and check himself into a home because he is probably just sleeping most of the time in his office, doing nothing at all and just wasting tax payers money with his big, fat paycheque. These two levels of government are not above the law. They have broken so many laws already and any organization could take them to court if they are discriminated against, even protesters have this right.

Ronald Osawabine