A Haweater Weekend curfew should be imposed

It’s time for taxpayers to take a stand on nighttime rowdiness

To the Expositor:

Car show: fantastic! Cardboard boat race: great fun to watch! Fireworks: Amazing! Street vendors and the sense of community: great! But the night life that accompanies this festival leaves a lot to be desired.

We live in a bedroom community, not a bar district. For the second sleepless night in a row, I sit at my computer typing this in the wee hours of the morning although I am very exhausted and in need of sleep. Our street is milling with countless young people, many who are drunk and I would guess that many are drinking underage. Most are being inconsiderately loud-mouthed and selfish. Perhaps I am the only one who feels this way, but I strongly doubt it…my guess is that the majority agrees with me but is silent over the issue. Yes, Haweater festival brings people together as many families have reunions in conjunction with the festival. And yes, the town receives a much needed influx of business as visitors patronize our restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, campgrounds and such. But as the town goes to bed it seems that the night life comes out, keeping everyone else awake, partly because of the noise, and largely because they fear their property will be destroyed by uncaring people…many who are not even from Little Current. And families with young children tremble in fear at the commotion outside their windows as they don’t know what will happen next. Kudos to the Lions Club for championing a festival to bring some life to our town. But along with the festival comes this undesirable part that many complain about but few do anything about. Perhaps its time that someone said something. Perhaps the town needs to step up and do something about it. We need to keep the festival, but perhaps a curfew is in order during the festival. Most people look forward to having a long weekend—I especially do because I work two full time jobs. But I never look forward to this one because of this. It forces me to make a choice: do I leave town to get away to a quieter place and actually enjoy the weekend, but worry about what condition my property will be in when I get home? Or do I stay and endure the disruption in order to keep an eye on my property? As a law abiding taxpayer in this town I shouldn’t have to make either choice. Perhaps it’s time that others voice their concern as well.

Pastor Aaron Tardif

Gateway To Life Church

Little Current