A reply to The Expositor editorial of February 16

To the Expositor:

A reply to the editorial in the Expositor published on February 16 (‘Canada watches its naval as the global order is shaking,’ Page 4).

The author muses, ‘it is not so huge a stretch to suspect a sinister hand behind the global spread of the anti-pandemic mandate movement.’ Allow me to share some musings of my own. Let me preface my musings by quoting Einstein, ‘Intelligence is the ability to entertain an idea without accepting it.’

First let’s take a step back and objectively review the events of the previous few years. Let’s begin with Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei, arrested in Vancouver on December 1, 2018. She was placed under house arrest in Canada while awaiting extradition to the US to face fraud charges for allegedly making a misrepresentation to the bank HSBC about Skycom’s subsidiary status to Huawei. Skycom does business in Iran which would put the bank at risk of violating US sanctions against the country. Interestingly, Skycom specializes in remote satellite controlled technology. Which would prove very useful if one wanted to assassinate somebody with a remote controlled vehicle which was rigged to self destruct destroying any evidence. For example, the killing of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on November 27, 2020. This unsolved murder is hoped to have delayed the development of nuclear bombs in Iran for two-three years.

September 20, 2021: Trudeau is elected for a 3rd time to his 2nd minority government (I would like to stress the minority part since Trudeau likes to throw that word around).

September 24, 2021: Meng returns to China after entering a deferred prosecution agreement with the US (wow, within hours of the election result being announced).

September 24, 2021: Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor return home (they were arrested on December 10, 2018 within days of Meng’s arrest and fascinatingly are released as Meng returns home). Now I’m beginning to suspect something fishy going on, remember ‘Operation Fish?’

January 2019: Injunction granted against Wet’suwet’en who put up blockades to stop Coastal GasLink Pipeline. Another injunction granted in December 2019, rail blockades dominate the news until March 2020.

March 2020: Global pandemic is declared and Coastal GasLink quietly continues construction.

Coastal GasLink pipeline is designed to carry natural gas, to an LNG terminal on the province’s north coast for export to Asia. One of the largest private sector investments in Canadian history, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. We should be seriously worried about the ‘private sector investor’ behind Coastal GasLink. (It reminds me of the SNC Lavelin affair.)

January 20, 2021: Within hours of being sworn in Biden revokes Keystone XL permit. (I guess we are shipping oil to China but will be reducing our trade to our biggest trading partner South of the border.) Let’s also understand that China is geographically closer to the oil in the Middle East but has a less friendly trade relationship in that region. I’ll speculate that it has something to do with China’s treatment of the Uighurs.

Motion to adopt UNDRIP made December 3, 2020: UNDRIP receives royal assent on June 21st 2021. UNDRIP is the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, a non-binding document that among other things delineates how to legally seize control of the resources of the land.

September 15, 2021: Canada has historically been a part of the Five Eyes (an intelligence organization consisting of Canada, the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand) but is not included in Aukus an alliance of Australia, the UK and US (probably because of Canada’s approach to Huawei).

October 2021: Xi warns that global conflict can be triggered over Taiwan at any time. Justin Trudeau says, ‘Meh, it’s ok if China (the dragon?) wants to bully Taiwan.’

January 2022: Russian troops (the bear?) gather on Ukraine’s border, Trudeau offers loans of $600 million and other aid measures. (Thank goodness we are still fighting against that oppressive regime, poor Alexei Navalny.) However now China knows that although we won’t stand against them to defend Taiwan, but also that we will not quietly ignore Russia’s advances on Ukraine.

January 27, 2022: Freedom Convoy begins rolling into Ottawa (on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz).

January 31, 2022: The House of Commons unanimously approves a motion to ban the public display of swastikas among other things (a small victory since many people have been comparing the pandemic policies to Nazism, especially the ongoing court cases against several churches).

On the opening day of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, China and Russia declare what they call a “no limits” partnership that will see them back each other in standoffs with Western nations over Ukraine and Taiwan—a sweeping long-term agreement that many observers say challenges the United States, NATO and liberal democracy in general as a model for the world.

Freedom Convoy protests block border crossings to the US but voila, they have made it abundantly clear how intertwined our two economies are. ‘Foreign money’ rolls in to support the protesters. Let me just remind everyone how many ‘snowbirds’ we have. This ‘foreign money’ may not be so foreign after all. Also consider that there are probably just as many stateside truckers affected by the mandate that have a vested interest here. It’s pretty clear to me why the beaver is sneezing.

February 2022: Trudeau continues to demonstrate dictatorial behaviour using blanket statements to refer to the Freedom Convoy protestors as: misogynists, racists, far right extremists with unacceptable views… Stereotyping the truckers like he got all his information about truckers from the movie Smokey and the Bandit.

There’s a loose rundown of the events leading up to the Freedom Convoy rolling into Ottawa. Prior to the Freedom Convoy and the Ukraine events it would have been easy to assume that Canada would soon be universally aligned with China and Russia. The entire Northern hemisphere morphed into a communistic world power. (I guess that’s why we are having conversations about emancipating ourselves from the Commonwealth.) Is peaceful, little apathetic Canada going to stand a chance? Can we not be trade partners with China without attacking the rights of our citizens?

To make it clear that in case anyone were to think I fall into the category of ‘far right extremist’ because of my aversion to communism, I will remind everyone that my LGBTQ friends have very few rights in communist countries. So perhaps our Liberal leader shouldn’t spend so much time fawning over communism lest our LGBTQ friends start to worry about their rights also.

Let’s also take this into consideration: Quebec’s Bill 21 that bans all religious symbols and head coverings for public servants, why is Trudeau not actively trying to correct this discriminatory law? Perhaps because he might not get elected in his own riding if he did say anything. Just another example of Justifying evil. I wonder how Jagmeet Singh feels about Trudeau’s inaction in this respect?

Why is Trudeau not actively trying to dialogue with the protesters and supporters to understand what has contributed to this massive, organic movement to express dissent?

Is it possible that he really is so enamoured with China that he would begin to attack basic human rights? Is he not able to reach a solution because he had an underlying agenda during the entire pandemic to oppress Canadians? You know the old adage that says ‘never let a crisis go to waste?’ Wouldn’t it be ironic if we really did begin to lose all these rights under the direction of a Liberal government? Oops, I guess it wasn’t just the shecession that took us back a couple of decades in progress. And now we know what extreme measures will be taken against anyone trying to protest in the future.

Let’s ask ourselves what are we trying to prevent with the cross-border trucker mandates? Is the virus not already on both sides of the border? Were we not able to flatten the curve four times in two years without the cross-border mandates for truckers? Why are we now introducing mandates that force people out of work based on their private medical information without any chance of getting employment insurance payments? Is it not the fact that the government attacked the livelihoods of these truckers leaving them with few options except to weaponize their trucks? And now the government intends to enforce draconian measures like seizing trucks, ending insurance and freezing bank accounts to force compliance on the truckers? Let’s review the definition of consent: free, prior and informed. We should all be familiar with that because of the recent Me Too movement. We should also be familiar with the saying, ‘My body, my right,’ thanks to pro-choice movements.

Why did the government force federal institutions to implement vaccine mandates that force people out of work based on their private medical information during a global pandemic with no chance of employment insurance two years after the start of the pandemic?

Is this a tightening of a noose that was planned from the very beginning of the pandemic and that is why Trudeau is so determined not to face the facts?

For those of us who have watched our qualified co-workers forced out of their jobs with no chance of unemployment insurance payments based on their private medical information by new terms that were added to our existing contracts it appears as though this government that is supposed to uphold the rule of law is determined to ignore the rule of law to force an underlying agenda. And when Trudeau verbally assaults the protesters, he is verbally assaulting all of us who are asking these questions? Do we no longer have freedom of speech? Are we no longer able to question authority and ask for our prime minister to behave in a transparent accountable manner?

Are we no longer able to ask our prime minister to display intelligence by entertaining an idea without accepting it? For example, listening to the grievances of the truckers and all the people waving Canadian flags at Parliament Hill?

In closing I will rephrase the question: is there something sinister behind the global movement to end pandemic restrictions or is there something sinister behind wanting to continue imposing and tightening the restrictions after the science is showing that we may be able to put the pandemic behind us?

May I also ask just one more question: is there perhaps a plot even more sinister behind pandemic restrictions that forced us all online, where our every keystroke can be monitored and we are left defenseless against the cyberwar capacities of Russia and China?

I eagerly await logical answers to the questions I have asked.

Sylvia Moggy


EDITOR’S NOTE: The author of the February 16 editorial has personally responded to Ms. Moggy’s questions.