A very happy birthday celebration!

Art Harper, seated, was all smiles as a parade of family and friends drove past he and his wife Stella’s house in Gore Bay to wish Art a very happy 92nd birthday.

GORE BAY – With COVID-19 continuing to plague the world, there are very few parades taking place these days. But on a recent Friday evening in Gore Bay, a large parade of vehicles travelled through Meredith Street downtown to recognize the birthday of a very special man in the community.

A long line-up of vehicles could be seen streaming down Meredith Street in Gore Bay as a parade of well-wishers, made up of family members and friends, with horns honking and arms waving and signs on the side of vehicles all wished local resident Art Harper a very happy 92nd birthday.

“What a surprise,” stated Mr. Harper excitedly as he and his wife Stella watched the parade go by on their front deck. The couple was bundled up in winter clothing, as it was a cold and windy night. “I’ve had warmer weather for my birthday. I used to always go swimming on my birthday. I don’t think I will tonight,” he joked.