A very special 11th birthday party held for Evansville girl

Sydney Pfeifer, centre, is all smiles as she is flanked by members of her family at her very special 11th birthday on April 16 when a parade of 13 vehicles filled with her friends and their parents took part in a parade past her house in Evansville, with lights blazing and horns going, to wish her a happy birthday.

EVANSVILLE – A young Evansville resident will no doubt never forget her 11th birthday.

Sydney Pfeifer, daughter of Stacey and Curtis Pfeifer had a special birthday party on April 16. Yes, she received gifts and cards (all handed out beyond the required physical distancing standards). However, what made her birthday extra special is that an envoy of 13 vehicles with local and area friends and relatives formed a parade and went by her house with horns going and lights flashing. The group was led in the parade by Manitoulin Ontario Provincial Police officer Darryl Leighton who had his sirens and lights flashing as the group proceeded up Bell Road in Evansville.

The birthday parade was organized by Deanna Hardy. She encouraged everyone in an online post, “What better way to put a smile on Sydney’s face when she can’t have a birthday party? Let’s all make some signs, put them on our vehicles, and meet at the end of Bell Road on April 16 at 7 pm. Drive by Sydney’s house and wish her a happy birthday!”

“It was fun,” stated Ms. Hardy, after the rolling party. “Sydney is friends with our kids and she had said she would not be able to have a birthday party (because of COVID-19). We decided to put on a parade for her.” 

Here they come! Led by an OPP cruiser, this large group of vehicles followed with lights on, horns going and happy birthday messages on the vehicles to provide Sydney Pfeifer with an extra special 11th birthday April 16 in Evansville.

Stacey Pfeifer said, “it was a great surprise put on by a very good friend. We didn’t expect to see everyone there. It was great.”

The beaming smile on Sydney’s face told the story of how much she appreciated her birthday party parade!