Access to Gore Bay post office not friendly to seniors, disabled

To the Expositor:

I am writing to your paper in the hopes of raising attention to the fact that the elderly or disabled cannot collect their mail from a government location in Gore Bay.

I am saddened everyday to watch people struggle to open a heavy steel and glass door at the Gore Bay Post office. I am further frustrated by the fact that there is a disabled ramp to the front door, but unless you can wait for an able bodied person to come by, you will sit there and wait to get in to get your mail—that’s only if it is not raining or winter as then the ramp is closed. The eves are falling apart and buckets of water come down directly on to the ramp. In the winter it is covered in ice with three-foot icicles waving over your head. Should you dare to attempt the ramp (if it’s not closed due to the above mentioned issues), you’ll still to find there is no disabled door opener. Let’s hope the wind is not there, as when it is, it rips the door from your hands with enough force it could take your shoulder right out of its socket.

I have disabilities due to an accident and hate having to get my mail. I have watched others struggle and cannot understand how this has gone on for so long. I have made formal complaints in writing to Canada Post with only one phone call returned.

I was told they will fix the eaves, but the door and ramp issues will have to wait until money can be raised, (but nothing in writing). After four months of pushing and getting nowhere and going to our local member of parliament requesting assistance, I ask everyone in Gore Bay to take time to look at the issue and watch your grandparent, young mothers with strollers and disabled persons struggle and stand up and make a difference. In the year 2011 we should not have to fight for such a basic need. The only door in Gore Bay that is suited to the disabled or frail is at the BMO, and that is not enough.

Gore Bay has an aging population and we need to do all we can to accommodate the people who have made this town what it is today. Please help get this situation fixed by contacting Carol Hughes or Canada post directly.

It may be a small issue to some, but to others it is a struggle they face every day.

Heidi Brookes
Gore Bay