January 12, 1919 – September 5, 2011
In loving memory of Ada Johnston who was born near Meldrum Bay, January 12, 1919 and who passed away September 5, 2011 at Orillia, Ontario. Ada loved to reminisce about her early childhood at the lighthouse on Manitoulin Island where her father had been the keeper. It was a place she loved and tried to return to at least once a year. It was Manitoulin Island where she met her beloved partner, Laurence Johnston. Many of you will remember him since he taught school on Cockburn and Manitoulin islands. Ada’s father, Albert Grant, was one of the first Witnesses of Jehovah on the Island. He taught Ada many of the truths of the Bible including the precious hope of living forever in a paradise earth. Due to this knowledge, when we speak of Ada in the future, she would want to be remembered firstly as a Witness of Jehovah before anything else. It is what made her the fine, faithful person she was in all aspects of her life. She shared this precious truth and the prospect of future life in a paradise right here on earth with her dear partner, Laurence as well as their two sons Marc and Pim. Laurence, too showed them a fine example of faithfulness until his death in 1969. During the war years and subsequent ban on the work of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Laurence was arrested and jailed for his neutral stand. Ada was determined to stay loyal and continue in the important preaching work. Sometime after the war, in 1955, Ada and Laurence moved to Parry Sound, Ontario. There was a need for Kingdom proclaimers there. After Laurence’s death in 1969, Ada moved to Sudbury, Ontario, later to northern Manitoba and on to Vancouver Island, BC, before returning to Ontario to live in Orillia. Ada had engaged in the preaching work the morning of the day the massive stroke robbed her of her life. Through her faithful record of serving Jehovah, Ada touched many lives, as people have expressed to us since her death. She encouraged many who may have given up, and convinced others to begin, not just to learn about Jehovah but to appreciate and love Him as she did. Jehovah knows of the private tears we shed for our loss. Ada, however, would want us to remember to lean on Jehovah as she did. She would want us to show our faithfulness in action, and greet both her and Laurence in Jehovah’s New Order under His son Christ Jesus. And so, friends, that is just what this family will endeavour to do. Thanking all of you for your kindness and thoughts at this time, Marc and Marlene, Sarah and Tim, Josh and Samantha, Pim and Tanus, Summer, Schon.