Advent market brings in lots of shoppers

Leeanne Woestenenk and her son Connor manned the Gore Bay Union Public Library booth at the Gordon/Barrie Island Christmas Advent Market.

GORDON/BARRIE ISLAND—The Gordon Hall was transformed into a veritable Christmas shopping market last Saturday!

The annual Gordon/Barrie Island Advent Market was held with an extensive selection of vendors set up inside the main hall, inside the garage and outside.

A shopper could get just about anything they could think of from clothing, baking, preserves, sewing, crafts, jewellery, art, knitting, books, kettle corn, honey, fibre products, textiles, pottery, and much, much more.

In total there were about 25 vendors on hand, and a large crowd of shoppers on hand for the event. 

The Dawson Citizens Improvement Association provided a hardy luncheon of chili or soup, sandwiches, tea or coffee and delicious dessert.