Affordable housing should not have to mean integrated housing

To The Expositor:

Is anybody listening to the plea of the single income senior citizen? I feel very fortunate to live in a country which provides many benefits for its seniors and others, but is anybody listening to the plea of single income seniors who find themselves thrust into integrated living instead of the formerly seniors only living quarters? Everyone needs affordable housing, young and old, but does it have to come at the expense of the seniors sleepless nights, frayed nerves because of this, foul language, etc? I love and appreciate my apartment but does it have to cost me my health because of the above mentioned problems? I don’t think anyone likes to be woken out of sleep with sudden loud talking outside your door at 1:30 am. I have a friend in California that can’t believe most of our medication is covered except for the dispensing fee. She has a client who is in danger of losing her child to the CAS because she can’t afford the medication she needs to keep her well and functioning. Bless our doctors for doing their best to prescribe medication that is covered. I know construction is very costly but can no one see the need for more geared to income housing for seniors? With my pension I couldn’t even think of renting a $1,000 a month apartment. If anyone out there finds themselves in a similar situation, please let your voice be heard. We live in a beautiful country on a beautiful island, so let’s try to make it a little more comfortable for everyone.

Thank you,
Mamie Ann Bowerman
Meadowview Apartments, Mindemoya