An appreciation of Molly

The untold story is of her caring and loving parents

To the Expositor:

Re: Autism awareness month: A Gore Bay family’s story

I am so happy with this story as it shares actually numerous stories. I have met Molly and have watched her grow in her community with the nurturing of parents Pam and Ken. When you think about it, Molly is stronger than most of us as she copes with her specialty from day to day.

Another story untold here is of the caring and loving parents, Pam and Ken, who not only share with Molly and advocate for her wellness on a daily basis, but they include every student who shares Molly’s journey in the Manitoulin community. From fundraising to community awareness you will know or see that Pam and Ken are “the seed” that initiated any helping activity.

I know that help and understanding did not come knocking of the Blodgett front door but rather was sought out and harvested for the benefit of all.

I not only celebrate Molly going to high school but celebrate Pam and Ken and what they have not only done for Molly but an entire community, making us aware.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth