LITTLE CURRENT—What better way to accentuate the perfect Haweater Weekend outfit then with a little Haweater bling from Anchored Jewelry—unique custom creations by Robin Burridge.

Ms. Burridge is no stranger to the jewellery and accessory business, launching Fawn of You when she first moved to Manitoulin four years ago. Fawn for You was made of all upcycled materials and Manitoulin driftwood, but with Anchored Ms. Burridge has moved on to working with sterling silver, some upcyled from old silverware she finds at yard sales, as well as brass and leather.

This Christmas Ms. Burridge ordered stamped handmade necklaces for a few of her friends as gifts, having each stamped with an initial or something meaningful to them. She was so intrigued with the process of metal stamping she decided to try her own hand at it and after a spring of practice and online courses, launched Anchored Jewlery.

“I like the idea of being able to work with the customer to make one-of-a-kind pieces,” she said. “My tagline is ‘unique jewelry, handmade on Manitoulin’. I believe that each piece should be as unique and special as its wearer.”

Anchored Jewelry has a collection created specifically for the Outpost General Store in downtown Little Current featuring rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets stamped with anchors, the longitude and latitude of the iconic swing bridge or even ‘Haweater’ or ‘Manitoulin.’

“Everything at the Outpost is customizable and I can add an initial or two within 24 hours of purchase,” she said. “Boaters or visitors can contact me and I will make the charm and drop it off the next day.”

Anchored Jewelry offers custom pieces that can be ordered directly from Ms. Burridge including bridal jewellery, his and hers necklaces, name bracelets and more.

“If there’s a design, shape, whatever metal, I can order it in and stamp it with a week turnover,” she added. “Jewellery should complement the wearer’s style.”

Ms. Burridge has recently begun creating hammered sterling silver earrings in geometric hoops and ear pins (or ear climbers as they’re also termed)—the latest trend in ear fashions. “You insert them as you would a normal earring, but turn them so they follow the natural turn of the cartilage.”

The rings are created with old silverware found at yard sales and flea markets then pounded with a rubber mallet until she creates the desired shape and look of the ring. The initials and stamps are also hammered into the jewellery, but with a brass hammer. Customers can choose the finish of their piece including brushed, hammered or polished.

“I want everything to last, hence the sterling silver, but brass and leather allow for a different look,” Ms. Burridge said, noting that pieces range in price from $15 to $45. “I can work with customers depending on their price range too and also have deals for wedding parties, like bridesmaids gifts, or bulk orders.”

For more information on Anchored Jewelry or to check out photos of the creations visit the Facebook site of the same name, anchored_manitoulin on Instagram or go directly to the Outpost General Store in Little Current. Ms. Burridge can also be reached by email through