Angry tone of letter illicts response

Time to let Arabs rule their own country

To the Expositor:

In response to Gayle Smith of Paisley, ON

When I read her letter I could not believe it. You could almost hear her angry tone. It filled me with disgust and shame. Mr. Fahmy is a journalist not a terrorist. He is a citizen of Canada and as such he should be repatriated with our help and our prime minister’s.

I would rather have my tax money spent on this man rather than spend millions or billions of dollars to go and bomb Syria. Why do we always interfere in the Middle East? By our actions we have increased the number of terrorists.

I do not agree with their actions but we have provoked them for hundreds of years.

It’s time we stopped putting our noses in their affairs and let the Arabs rule their own country and solve their own problems.

Danielle Edwards

Little Current