Annual syrup auction for cancer care starts Saturday

The Dewar Family Maple Syrup Auction will take place this Saturday, April 3 at 6 pm. As always, all proceeds will go to the Northern Cancer Foundation.

PROVIDENCE BAY – Tis the season once more for the annual Dewar Family Maple Syrup Auction, where the family’s coveted first litre of syrup is auctioned off to the highest bidder and all proceeds go to the Northern Cancer Foundation.

“It’s late, but it’s here! I apologize for the delay but with all the transpirings in the world, it seems to have slowed me down. But Mother Nature has not slowed down, she is right on par and her Manitoulin maple trees have been dripping sweet sap very well. This of course means that the first delectable litre of Dewar’s Maple Syrup has been produced, and we all know what we do with that one!” stated Travis Dewar in an email to The Expositor.

The auction is this coming Saturday, April 3 at 6 pm and is hosted on the Dewar Family Maple Syrup Shack Facebook page.

“Are you interested in becoming the first to get a taste of the Dewar Family Maple syrup and make a fantastic contribution to cancer research and care? Well you can make that happen quite easily—simply bid high, outbid challengers and establish your dominance! The taste of delicious victory is truly the sweetest taste, especially when victory means syrup,” said Mr. Dewar.

Bids can only be placed in comments on the original post on the Dewar Family Maple Syrup Shack Facebook page. The proceeds from this auction will be donated to Health Sciences North’s Northern Cancer Foundation and the winner (including anyone else who chooses to make additional donations) will receive a tax receipt from the Northern Cancer Foundation in the amount of their contribution. The auction will end on Monday April 6 at 8pm sharp and bids will not be accepted after that time. 

The Dewar family has set some undisclosed bidding milestones just as they did last year. The bidder who takes the auction over these set milestones will instantly win one of five milestone prizes, and while the bounty won’t be that precious first litre of syrup, Mr. Dewar assures that the prizes are sweet. The rules are as follows: trash talking is always accepted (keep it clean, though); don’t let others take away your litre of syrup (being outbid is disrespectful); have fun and enjoy; bids must be in full $1 increments (Penny raises aren’t going to win this for you!); and win at all costs! (Because everyone wins with this auction!) 

The Dewars encourage everyone to share this as much as possible, but please ensure that anyone who wishes to bid returns to the Dewar Family Maple Syrup Shack Facebook page and bids on the original post. Only bids on that page’s post will be honoured. 

To date, bids and donations through this auction have brought in $5,211 to the Northern Cancer Foundation which is an amazing contribution to cancer research and care considering this is only the sixth year of the auction. High bids in previous years were $150 (2015), $400 (2016), $850 (2017), $410 (2018) and $1,000 (2019).

Anyone who wishes to make a donation outside of the auction or has questions about this year’s bid-off should please contact Mr. Dewar through his Facebook page or reach him at 705-929-3137.