Another castigation of Northeast Town parking regulations

Makes one think twice about spending money in Little Current

To the Expositor:

This is in reference to the letter to the editor ‘Little Current parking tickets shock and dismay retirees’ dated September 16, 2015.

I am also shocked and appalled. My husband and I often go to the Anchor Inn for a meal, walk on boardwalk, visit the shops and also my favorite place, The Rain Barrel. This jaunt more than likely will surpass the two-hour parking limit. Had I noticed the parking time limit? Yes, I did. I also remember when there was a grocery store on Water Street and also a drugstore. We often left the car parked where it was and went browsing in the Treasure Cove shop. And you can follow this itinerary in the two hours allowed? To quote these wonderful ladies: Welcome to Little Current—now please leave. Ungrateful! Makes one think twice about spending money in Little Current.

Monique Dowse

Bay Estates Road