GORE BAY – Art lovers had the opportunity to discuss additions and changes that could be made to the works of artist Jean Rodak to complete paintings she had on display this past weekend as part of a collaborative art experience. 

The exhibit of some of Ms. Rodak’s paintings was held at Almaz’s Health Food Store, located in Gore Bay. What was different from the normal art exhibit is that some of Ms. Rodak’s paintings were unfinished and viewers had the opportunity to collaborate with the artist to complete them to the former’s tastes.

“As an artist you will have people say things like, ‘if only that was in green’ or ‘if it matched my couch,’ I would buy the painting,” Ms. Rodak told the Recorder this past Saturday. “By displaying paintings that are not complete, I can meet face to face with people who can provide input and give their opinion of what is needed to finish a painting.” 

“Why am I doing this? … it is fun and I figured it would be a great way to meet people in person and get their opinion on my unfinished paintings and what they would like to see done to complete them,” continued Ms. Rodak.

“My fascination with colour, design and emotion are the main motivators in every single drawing and painting I create,” Ms. Rodak stated. “The subjects, medium and colours combine with fantasy and imagination to express impressions and feelings that are experienced at the time of fruition. The act of creating is often enough to stimulate the work to a fascinating end. Turmoil and pleasure are equally important influences in my works. They have been described as vibrant and exciting, a feast for the eyes. I love this description.”

Art lovers who visited Mr. Rodak’s display at Almaz’s could verbally or in written form provide comments and suggestions on certain painting they are interested. They were asked, ‘How would you like to see this work finished? Want to talk about it? Meet Jean for tea and art chat.’

“As well as receiving their opinions I’ll take pictures of people with the paintings,” said Ms. Rodak. “If they really fall in love with one of the paintings, but want to make a change or add something, because I use acrylics I can try and make the changes they recommend.” 

Ms. Rodak is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, where she has earned her degree in Design and Illustration. Jean exhibits and teaches art in Toronto. A founding member of North York Visual Arts, she is a signature member of the Toronto Watercolour Society and is an award-winning member of several other art groups. Her works are part of several corporate and private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Ms. Rodak moved to Manitoulin Island for half the year. “It is so beautiful that you could paint day and night and still need a little more time to finish. I’m looking forward to sharing some new and exciting work in the next months and wondering where this adventure will lead me.”