Assiginack continues to distance itself from Burns Wharf Theatre Players

Sir Joseph Porter, First Lord of the Admiralty, played by Peter Baumgarten, on stage of the Burns Wharf Theatre Players production of HMS Pinafore, from Thursday, June 16, 2016 in Manitowaning. photo by Robin Burridge

ASSIGINACK—Following an in-camera session at its September 18 meeting, Assiginack council passed a resolution that further distanced itself from the Burns Wharf Theatre Players in its quest to see the Burns Wharf Theatre renovated to meet accessibility and fire codes, enabling the waterfront theatre to be used once again for its popular summer programming.

Following the in-camera discussion, council reconvened in open session and passed a motion, No. 250-17-17, moved by Councillor Leslie Fields and seconded by Councillor Brenda Reid, “that whereas we have concerns about the FedNor application we have been asked to approve on behalf of the Burns Wharf Theatre Players and; whereas this application alone will not achieve the desired aim of the Committee and the Township; now therefore that we invite the Burns Wharf Theatre Players to a future meeting to discuss council’s desires to see the Burns Wharf Theatre Players become an incorporated legal entity, able to make its own applications, that this entity enter into a detailed agreement with the Township for care and control of the theatre and its ongoing operations and that upon completion of this agreement, we enter into a long-term lease with the Players of the theatre building.”

At an earlier September meeting, council also repealed a resolution, 211-15-17, to put forward a funding application to FedNor on the Burns Wharf Theatre Players’ behalf, citing concerns of “inaccuracies” in the funding application.

The Players declined to comment on the most recent resolution, but did say they hoped to continue to work with council on the project.