Assiginack Council Notes

Christmas madness

At the December 3 meeting of Assiginack council, the Manitowaning Christmas Madness shopping event was discussed with much praise for the organizers from around the table.

Delegation no-show

On the agenda for the December 3 meeting of council was a delegation from Denise McKenzie regarding the state of the Holiday Haven Road. Ms. McKenzie failed to show up for the meeting, but clerk-treasurer Alton Hobbs explained that she had probably heard that council had budgeted for work to be done on this particular road for 2014.

Marina retaining wall underway

Mr. Hobbs reported that work on the retaining wall near the marina is underway and will be completed in 2014. Also a part of this project is a new set of stairs that lead to the marina, as well as a new sidewalk.

Cheque register

Council passed the accounts for payment, general account, in the amount of $234,736.05 and payroll, $14,780.70.
Councillor Leslie Fields noted that the final payment was made for repairs to the arena roof, with Mr. Hobbs noting that the work has made it, even in heavy rains, so that it no longer leaks!

Seguin seeks support

Council received a resolution from the Township of Seguin regarding the new billing model for Ontario Provincial Police services, calling it “fundamentally flawed, unfair and inequitable” and calling on the premier to “scrap” it immediately.
Reeve Brad Ham said that according to his calculations, under the new billing model, Assiginack would pay less than before but acknowledged that some, such as Seguin, would pay exponentially more.
It will all depend, he explained, on what the OPP deems as a household, as the new model proposes to bill per household.


As in previous years, Assiginack council passed a motion to donate an in-kind donation in the amount of $5,000 through a reduction in office rent to Manitoulin Streams. (The Manitoulin Streams office is located in the Assiginack municipal office.)
“That organization has brought 10 times that amount back into the coffers of this community,” Councillor Fields said to agreement from the rest of the council table.
“I hope this organization is going long after we’re gone,” Paul Moffat, councillor and Manitoulin Streams board member, added.
Council also donated $250 to the Manitoulin Island Cycling Advocates (MICA) so volunteers of the organization can attend the International Bike Show in Toronto in February, setting up a booth to promote cycling on Manitoulin.
“They (MICA) seem to be growing—they’ve brought a lot of bicycles to Manitoulin,” Councillor Brenda Reid said.
“Their lobbying efforts have certainly paid off,” the reeve added, noting the paved, and soon-to-be paved, shoulders on Manitoulin.

Christmas is coming

Council passed resolution 21-13 to provide Christmas bonuses of $100 for each full-time employee and $50 for each part-time or seasonal employee of the municipality and that the office be closed from noon on Christmas Eve until January 2.

Lake Manitou discussion

Council received a letter from Robert Coulter of the Lake Manitou Area Association, requesting a ‘Notice to Adopt’ of the Official Plan once it is finalized, as the association “strongly supports provisions in the draft Official Plan, especially D.1.1 Sensitive or At-Capacity Lakes, which would help prevent further negative impact on Lake Manitou.”
The letter went on to explain Mr. Coulter’s concerns regarding the lake’s oxygen levels and the lake trout fishery.
Councillor Moffat, also a member of the LMAA, said he would not speak in favour of the letter as he believes there is not enough science supporting the opinion of Mr. Coulter and some other members of the LMAA “to simply say it’s at-risk.”
“I’m not a scientist—that’s my personal opinion,” he added.

Cardwell Street on the horizon

Assiginack council passed bylaw 13-16 to authorize an agreement with Genivar to provide engineering services for the Cardwell Street rehabilitation project.