Assiginack Council Notes

Boat launch report

Council reviewed the Assiginack Boat Launch Report from public works at its last regular meeting of council. The report explained that the municipality maintains four boat launches (Manitowaning, Holiday Haven, Black Rock and Rogers Creek) and they “continue to be a topic of controversy” with users.

“We do what we can with our resources because, to repair these with an engineer’s design, would have to include permits, sheet piling, silt screens, dredging and excavation,” the report notes. “It would be safe to say that the price for that would easily exceed $100,000.”

The Manitowaning launch is the only boat launch that is user-pay with a $5 charge for non-ratepayers.

Councillor Hugh Moggy said he thinks that all boats should be charged to use the launch.

“We’re responsible for the infrastructure, but it should be user pay,” he said.

Council also reviewed the Assiginack Equipment Report, which gave an overview of the working order of all the public works equipment.

Accounts payable

Council approved the following accounts for payment: general, $45,817.14; and payroll, $17,930.72.

Cycling route support

Assiginack passed a resolution supporting the Georgian Bay Cycling Route, the Lake Huron North Channel Cycling Route and the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail initiatives, of which the Manitoulin Island Highway 6 corridor is a part.

“Therefore be it resolved that the Township of Assiginack is in full support of these cycling initiatives and the Highway 6 connection as part of the provincial Great Lakes Waterfront Trail network, and as a partner with the Waterfront Regeneration Trust to implement the route and include it as part of their provincial trail system,” the resolution concluded.

“We’ve got the perfect roadway now for people to come and travel,” said Councillor Leslie Fields.

Clerk Jeremy Rody explained that signage will be placed directing cyclists to McLean’s Park on New England Sideroad.

Building condition assessment

Assiginack entered into an agreement with Tulloch Engineering to obtain their services for a building condition assessment for the public works garage.

“It has to be done,” Councillor Fields noted.

Emergency plans

Council reviewed a notice to all Manitoulin Municipal Association (MMA) member municipalities regarding two resolutions passed at the March 15 MMA meeting. The first, that each member municipality discuss with their fire departments the need to respond to all dispatched fire calls; and the second, that each member municipality inquire with their councils as to the Phoenix Emergency Management Logic proposal for the updating and training for emergency planning and plans.

As for the second resolution, Councillor Fields asked if Assiginack was in need of an emergency plan overhaul. Mr. Rody explained that the last one was done in 2007, noting that the proposal was “a bit of a cold call.”

“I don’t think there’s much to be gained from it,” added Councillor Moggy.

Councillor Fields asked about the first resolution.

Mayor Paul Moffatt explained that when a call comes, the dispatcher calls the appropriate department. If the first department doesn’t respond, which is sometimes the case, the call goes out to the next department. Mayor Moffatt added that in every case, the first department received the call, they just didn’t let dispatch know they were attending the fire, which leads to added costs.

“It’s a matter of education,” the mayor said.


Council passed three bylaws at its last meeting: Bylaw 17-09, to authorize vote by mail for the 2018 municipal election and to enter into a contract with DataFix to provide election services; and Bylaw 17-10, to adopt a commissioner of oaths and affidavits policy. Commissioner services can include: consents to travel, residency documentation, vehicle transfers, change of ownership, insurance claims, pension plan documents, any government related forms, birth and death information applications, certification of identifiable individual’s signature, marriage licence related documentation, court documents or documents related to a court proceedings and municipality-related documents.

Bylaw 17-11, to adopt an investment policy, was also passed.