Assiginack Council Notes

February 2

Proposed subdivision

Council passed a resolution to be forwarded on to the Manitoulin Planning Board (MPB) in relation to the proposed 49-lot waterfront subdivision to the north and adjacent to Sunsite Estates that is currently before the board with the following three comments: 1.) the municipality will stop up and close the road allowance within the provided plan, between Lots 25 and 26; 2.) the municipality will request a financial statement from a qualified engineering consultant that confirms individual water servicing is more cost efficient than hooking up the existing Sunsite Estates water plant; and 3.) the completion of a subdivision development agreement dealing with matters including, but not limited to, subdivision road construction and standards, servicing requirements, fire protection, emergency services access and lands dedicated to public purposes.

As was reported in the February 3 edition of The Expositor, the MPB applicant, Leah Pezzutto, owns lots 25 and 26 in the seventh and eighth concessions, as well as lots 22 through 25 in the seventh and eighth concessions. The application report states that the applicant wishes to take up ownership of the 25th Concession road allowance to consolidate the land parcels.

There is also a proposed municipal road that will connect at the south end of the proposed development onto Sunsite Estates Road. 

Accounts for payment

Council approved the following accounts for payment: general, $461,016.44; and payroll, $20,016.44.

Crane rental

Council approved the payment of an invoice in the amount of $7,051.49 from Northern Equipment Rentals relating to the Rogers Creek Bridge replacement project, and will see 50 percent compensation from Tehkummah Township.

It was suggested by Councillor Hugh Moggy that since the project was to be shared 50/50 between the two municipalities, that it was only fair that the cost of the crane rental be shared too. Mayor Dave Ham agreed to which Councillor Moggy noted Tehkummah “should appreciate” Assiginack’s part in the project.

Councillor Rob Maguire also agreed.

The mayor suggested the motion to pay be put on the back burner until Tehkummah was consulted but CAO Alton Hobbs disagreed as the municipal auditors would be coming soon and it would be best to have the bill cleared up.

The CAO was directed to approach Tehkummah to pay half the cost of the crane rental.

Interest waived

Resolution 024-02-2021 was passed to confirm that all penalties and interest on property tax and utilities payments in 2020 were waived and that similar penalties and interest for the first six months of 2021 be similarly waived.




As Assiginack now has in its employ an economic development officer, Councillor Christianna Jones suggested the municipality look at reconvening its economic development committee. Mayor Ham agreed.

Councillor Moggy said he thought the original members should be canvassed to see if they were still interested in sitting on such a committee. Staff would be carrying this out.

Interim tax levy

Council passed Bylaw 21-03 “to provide for an interim tax levy and to provide for the payment of taxes and to provide for penalty and interest of 1.25 percent.”

January 14


Councillor Hugh Moggy thanked Assiginack and Tehkummah public works for their “great work” on the Rogers Creek Bridge (the bridge is shared between the two municipalities). Mayor Dave Ham said he agreed with Councillor Moggy “100 percent. I think they’ve done a wonderful job.”

Accounts for payment

Council approved the following accounts for payment: $596,220.78, general; and $98,198.92, payroll.

150 celebrations 

on hold

CAO Alton Hobbs said he thought it was prudent that the municipality inform the public that the 150th anniversary celebrations of Assiginack Township will, in all likelihood, not go ahead this year due to COVID-19 concerns.

Councillor Moggy, who sits on the 150th anniversary committee, said he agreed.