Assiginack Council Notes

Support for Larder Lakes

Council passed a resolution of support for the Township of Larder Lakes resolution expressing concerns over the comprehensive insurance premium increases being seen across the municipal sector.

Leask Bay Cottagers request denied

Following a request from the Leask Bay Cottagers Association for a road maintenance agreement with the municipality, council denied the request, noting that the association’s “willingness to collect winter road maintenance fees from its members was a necessary condition to the township entering into the original agreement.”

Planning Board reserves

Following a letter received from Manitoulin Planning Board (MPB) secretary treasurer Theresa Carlisle, which noted the MPB’s $8,000 Official Plan reserve, Ms. Carlisle was seeking Island councils’ suggestions on what to do with the surplus funds. Council passed a resolution that “we advise the Manitoulin Planning Board that we trust that they will allocate the remaining Official Plan reserves to an appropriate use that benefits all board members.”

Support for MPP

A resolution was passed that council inform Algoma-Manitoulin MPPt Michael Mantha that they strongly support his efforts to ensure that the Ontario Fire College in Gravenhurst “remains open and accessible” to municipal firefighters. The province announced on January 13 that the college will close its doors at the end of March.

Objection to change in Hydro One rates

Council received a letter from Assiginack seasonal resident JB Atherton who expressed his displeasure at the recent announcement that the Ontario Energy Board would be eliminating its seasonal rate class and would instead be transferring those properties to the residential low-density class, resulting in an increase in cost of 12 percent.

“I request that the Municipality of Assiginack apply for intervenor status as representative of the seasonal owners in the township at a hearing to be scheduled at a later date,” Mr. Atherton’s letter concludes.

Council passed a resolution stating they would inform Mr. Atherton that council would object to changes that result in rate increases.