Assiginack Council Notes: Tender Edition

Assiginack council held a special meeting on July 21 to award a series of tenders.

Museum roof

Council began with the tender for shingling the museum roof, to which only one contractor applied—Mike Phillips Construction. As this was the only bid submitted, the mayor suggested the roof go back for re-tender. Councillor Dave McDowell asked that all the tender votes be recorded.

Council first passed a motion to defeat, with only Councillor McDowell voting against.

Napier Street 


Council then reviewed tenders for the repair of the Napier Street sidewalk which had two bids: Gibbons Contracting, $26,605,28; and Moggy Excavating, $34,957.68. 

Councillor McDowell shared with council a new development in sidewalks that he had found online and suggested council look into it further for those sidewalks that did not have winter maintenance.

Mayor Ham said he believed council should move forward with the repair lest they “run the risk of a lawsuit.”

Councillor Maguire said he thought Mr. McDowell’s proposal was an interesting idea, but questioned the accessibility of it given the number of senior citizens utilizing Manitowaning sidewalks and agreed with the mayor that getting moving on the sidewalks sooner than later was an important task.

Roller Mills siding

In a recorded vote, all of council voted in favour of accepting the Gibbons Contracting vote. 

Next up in the tender process was the re-siding of Roller Mills.

Council reviewed three tenders for siding: Dave Zelinsky, $79,000; Mike Phillips Construction, $145,5000; and Spry Carpentry, $130,000.

Councillor McDowell queried whether the municipality should be spending that amount of money on the Roller Mills without knowing what the building will eventually be used for. He said he would also like to know if there is some liability, given its past life as a grain processing facility and its location beside the water treatment plant, noting his experience with grain elevator training.

“I’d hate to see over $100,000 spent on something we don’t know what we’re doing with,” the councillor reiterated.

Mayor Ham said something needs to be done soon to keep the building from falling into disrepair.

Councillor Christianna Jones said the most pressing concern is on the lakeside.

Councillor Maguire, who owns Terra Star Building Products and is a steel siding manufacturer, volunteered to give the municipality the steel siding at cost, should they decided to go that route.

Councillor Jones suggested council take Councillor Maguire up on his offer and re-tender for the lakeside installation only.

The mayor said he believed the entire building should be done, not just one side.

Councillor Maguire then asked about grants available to fix up heritage buildings, to which CAO Alton Hobbs replied that he had not seen anything yet, but that rumours are out there that such grants are forthcoming.

Councillor Moggy said he agreed that council needs to find a purpose for the Roller Mills, but that it is also their job to look after the municipality’s historic buildings.

Council agreed to table the motion to accept a winning bid, for the time being.

Security cameras

Council received five tenders for the installation of security camera for the municipal waterfront: Chubb Fire and Security, $24,478.66; Wallwin, $12,566.73; Cancom, $27,937.32; Steel Communications, $24,831.75; and True Steel, $12,227.73.

A motion to accept True Steel’s bid was unanimously accepted.


Next on the agenda were the tenders for aggregates, of which there were two: Mike Varey and Son, $62,703.70; and Calvin Pearson and Son, $62,274.30.

Councillor McDowell asked what happens when bids are that close, but one of the tenders received has a quarry in the municipality.

Councillor Moggy said it’s usually the lowest bid that wins the tender.

“Do we factor in the spinoff business as a result of the local quarry?” Councillor Maguire asked.

In a recorded vote, all councillors voted for the higher bid of Mike Varey and Sons as the quarry he will be drawing from is in Assiginack.

Chip and tar

Council received three tenders for the provision of surface treatment: MSO Miller Paving, $178,987.04; Duncor Enterprises, $184,935.80; and Beamish Construction, $196,009.80.

Council unanimously accepted MSO’s bid.

Winter sand

For winter sand, council received a sole bid of $20,803.30 from Mike Varey and Son, which was accepted.

Council then discussed how to go about securing work for the new ballfield lighting, for which the township received money through a grant. It was agreed that they would forego the tendering process and go with the firm which assisted with the provision of quotes as well as offering a maintenance package and which is familiar with other Island municipalities.

The CAO noted to council that both the 1989 and 2001 waterfront development plans have been sent along to JL Richards and Associates, which is currently working on an updated plan.

Councillor Jones said the most recent plan, 2001, was a “well done report” that would need some revisions, but that it effectively had good bones.