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There have been many great true stories about ships surviving disastrous circumstances both nature born and man-made. Ships such as the whale ship Essex, the Battleship Bismarck, the HMS Titanic, the laker Edmund Fitzgerald, the U.S.S. Indianapolis and explorer John Franklin’s ship, Endeavour just to name a few. ‘Finest Hours’ by authors Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman is such a story about one of the U.S. Coast Guard’s most daring rescues at sea.  The book chronicles the events of a winter night, February 8, 1952 on the freezing Atlantic. Two oil tankers found themselves in extreme jeopardy in a merciless wild, open ocean. Not all who found themselves gripped in this nightmare would survive but it is a testament to their bravery and to the skill and daring of the Coast Guard team who risked their own lives to reach them that any cane back alive. This is a gripping read!

In her book, ‘Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol’, author Ann Dowsett Johnston gives the reader a revealing look at an epidemic on the rise. Johnston herself is a recovered alcoholic. Now sober, she has committed herself to studying the connection between women and high-risk drinking. This is an important and well-researched story of an often silent crisis.

Wilbur Smith is by far one of the best adventure writers of the time. In his novel ‘Vicious Circle,’ private security man, hector Cross is in the fight of his life as he attempts to protect his wife and daughter from a menace that has come back from the past with a vengeance. This book hits the mark for excitement, passion and action!

‘The Damned’ by Canadian writer Andrew Pyper is another supernatural thriller. Pyper fairly as a new voice in the genre of horror fiction. This novel introduces Danny Orchard, an author and near-death-experience survivor. His twin sister was not so fortunate and for twenty years she has haunted him–her gift for terrorizing those around has grown even stronger as she keeps punishing Danny for being alive. What is he to do to protect those he loves from the fallout? This is an edgy, anxious and memorable read in every way!

Young Adult Pick: ‘Pendragon’ by D.J MacHale.

DVD Pick: ‘Open Range’–starring Kevin Costner, Annette Bening and Robert Duvall–a western about ordinary ranchers who take on a greedy land baron!

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