Assiginack Public Library Feature

by Debbie Robinson

Millions of people suffer from the effects of Lyme disease. Lori Dennis is a phycotherapist in Toronto. Her book, ‘Lyme Madness,’ is her attempt to offer help and support those who languish from this affliction. The book is the tale of a medical journey to rescue her son from this debilitating condition. This story is a great tool for navigating the medical world.

‘One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter.’ This most surely unusual title is written by culture writer Scaachi Koul of Calgary, Alberta. Her sometimes humourous, often painful and very honest experiences as a woman of colour growing up in Canada is a fascinating read. This is a terrific book by an intelligent and witty author.

Clare Mackintosh’s novel ‘I Let You Go’ is a finely written story with a stunning, twisty spin. It is a heartnumbing account of a mother’s life shattered beyond recognition by the loss of a child by a hit-and-run encounter. It also follows two policemen as they pursue lead after useless lead in an attempt to identify the person responsible for this devastating tragedy.

Janet Evanovich’s book, ‘Hardcore Twenty-Four’ continues the hilarious antics of Stephanie Plum, bounty-hunter extraordinaire. The books from this wonderful series will have you laughing out loud. They are full of great characters and some very crazy situations. They are a pleasure to read!

Young Adult Pick: ‘The Book of Luke’ by Jenny O’Connell.

DVD Pick: ‘Wonder’ starring Julia Roberts, Jacob Tremblay and Owen Wilson—a truly uplifting and inspiring movie—a good family film.

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