Assiginack Public Library Feature

by Debbie Robinson

“We are all one energy, one soul, one song and one drum,” is a quote from the late Canadian Indigenous author Richard Wagamese, a First Nation writer from Northwestern Ontario who is considered one of Canada’s leading authors and storytellers. I had the pleasure of attending one of his workshops at a conference several years ago – he was a gentle, softspoken man who could mesmerize with his storytelling! Sadly he passed away in 2017. ‘One Drum: Stories and Ceremonies for a Planet’ is his final manuscript and the book that attests the writer’s stories, truths and rituals that he accepted, followed and took energy and life force from. Here are the teachings of Ojibway heritage. Lessons in humbleness, esteem, bravery and recovery. A message of belief and hope obtained by bonding with the sacred and spiritual traditions of his people. Wagamese truly believed that when we share ceremonies, “we truly become one song and one drum beating together in a common purpose – and we are healed.” The publisher in the book’s forward writes: “In this book, Richard Wagamese gives us four small ceremonies, ceremonies for people of all cultures and beliefs – and it was his hope that in following them, readers would be inspired to connect with the rest of humanity and every other living thing on the planet, and life itself as a ceremony.” This is a book you won’t soon forget. “A ceremony is not complete until it is shared.” – Richard Wagamese (1955-2017)

‘Influenza: The Hundred-Year Hunt to Cure the Deadliest Disease in History’ is by Dr. Jeremy Brown. The book demonstrates the still actual and current risk and danger of influenza. It also defines the extent of control and the constraints faced by present-day medical science. This book is an engaging read about an invasive and often stealthy adversary. This author has done his homework, talking with leading authorities in epidemiology, policy makers and several research teams. This book will answer a lot of your questions about influenza – the history, the present and the possible future.

Writer Janet Evanovich’s character Stephanie Plum is a favourite with mystery readers. The latest book, No. 26 in this often hilarious series is entitled ‘Twisted Twenty-Six.’ It finds our heroine caught up in a hasty, improbable family wedding, in search of a missing set of keys that are badly wanted by some shady characters and the continued craziness of her life as a bounty-hunter for bail jumpers. These are always a fun, engaging and full of local adventure!

Another 26th volume is from Canadian/British writer, Peter Robinson. ‘Many Rivers to Cross’ continues the intrepid Inspector Banks series. This case in this novel is a riveting and graphic story of murder, intrigue and complicated truths – watch for the twist – a Peter Robinson specialty. 

Young Adult Pick: ‘Broken String’ by Eric Walters and Kathy Kacer.

DVD Pick: ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ — a haunting documentary by renowned director Peter Jackson (of Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies fame). The film brings forth the voices of interviewed WWI veterans and combines them with newly colourized actual footage. Lots of great detail – a must see! 

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