Assiginack Public Library Feature

Linden MacIntyre’s new book, ‘The Wake: The Deadly Legacy of a Newfoundland Tsunami’ is the incredible true story of a disaster so destructive that it literally changed the destiny of the independent island of Newfoundland. An earthquake-related tsunami slammed into the coast at 100 kilometres per hour on November 18, 1929. It flooded dozens of communities, washing away entire houses out to sea. The disaster claimed 28 lives and left hundreds more destitute and without shelter in the midst of the Great Depression. The event forever altered the lives of the people of the fishing out-ports along the Burin Peninsula. This is a well-researched and very personal account – McIntyre is a Newfoundlander. His family witnessed the tsunami first hand and suffered loss of lives. He grew up in the aftermath. The people are tough and resilient and look after each other as well as strangers. This became very obvious from their assistance to hundreds of shipwrecks and the souls aboard them over many years. Their loving outreach to the thousands of terrified people who landed there after the events of 9/11 further document the tenacity and humanity of the people of the isle of Newfoundland. A terrific read! 

Frank Abagnal’s book, ‘Scam Me If You Can: Simple Strategies to Outsmart Today’s Rip-Off Artists’ is a valuable tool in keeping your investments, insurances, securities, personal information and financial privacy out of the hands of scammers and hackers.  Some examples of help to the reader: The best way to protect your phone from being hacked; the only time you should ever use a debit card; why your passwords aren’t keeping you safe; and so much more. Abagnal will help you protect yourself and your family from every scam out there. His book has high recommendation from a former assistant director of the FBI. The book is easy to understand and will open up your eyes to potential rip-offs and cons…and how to avoid them.

Karin Slaughter is a very popular novelist. Her book, ‘The Last Widow,’ sees the return of her character, Will Trent. When a series of explosions occur in Atlanta, there is the kidnapping of a disease control scientist and a medical examiner (Trent’s girlfriend) is abducted. Trent must go undercover to prevent more deaths and get back the woman he loves. Caution readers: shocking surprise you won’t be expecting!

Claire Lombardo is a former social worker who now teaches fiction writing. Her first novel, ‘The Most Fun We Ever Had,’ takes us on an almost 50-year journey through the trials, tribulations and triumphs of a family desperately trying to stay connected. This story contains an in-depth look at love, parenting, siblings and all the emotion that percolates in a family setting. A good read!

Young Adult Pick: ‘The Unteachables’ by Canadian author Gordon Korman.

DVD Pick: ‘Saving Jaws.’ Shark whisperer Ocean Ramsey and a team of biologists travel the globe trying to stop the looming extinction of this magnificent creature. Awesome underwater footage!

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