Assiginack Public Library Feature

Hurricane Joaquin devastated the Bahamas in the Caribbean in 2015. The storm’s carnage also swarmed over two large cargo ships, the El Faro (crew of 33) and the freighter Minouche (crew of 12). Both vessels were caught in the storm vortex and were overwhelmed by the storm force. Author Tristram Korten’s book, ‘Into the Storm: Two Ships, a Deadly Hurricane and an Epic Battle for Survival’ is written like a fictional thriller but it is in fact an awesome fact-based account of an act of nature hell-bent on destroying everything in its path. It is an intense read and a breathtaking look at the power and violence of a natural disaster. The book also examines the bonds and unity of those who work on the sea – a covenant that is centuries old. Korten puts the reader in the midst of the calamity – a wild ride and a very good read!

During any war there is behind the scenes, closed door covert bargaining taking place. ‘In the Name of Humanity: The Secret Deal to End the Holocaust’ by author Max Wallace explores the hidden deals and meetings that took place during WWII to attempt to put an end to the horrors of the Holocaust. Wallace has done his homework, researching a huge repository of previously sealed documents that have recently become open to public information. This is a fascinating chronicle of courageous bravery that will forever change and redefine many ideas and previously accepted accounts of the Holocaust. 

American writer John Irving is an international best-selling author. His books have been translated into 35 languages. Irving has been a mainstay of at least two generations of readers. ‘Avenue of Mysteries’ by him is about the story of Juan Diego, a young teenage boy born and raised in Mexico and Lupe, his one year younger sister. Lupe is a mind reader – she knows what has happened to a person more than what will occur. It is difficult being aware of all the very terrible things that have befallen someone. As Juan reaches his older years, he makes a journey to the Philippines. His lifetime of hopes, dreams and recollections are on the trip with him. Many of us feel most alive when we are reliving and remembering our childhood and adolescent years. Some folks even seem to dwell in the past, often more expressively then in their current time frame. This is a captivating book about how one’s yesteryear memories can meet head-on with their up-and-coming destiny. Enjoy!

Graham Swift is a British author whose books include the Booker Prize winner ‘Last Orders.’ In his novel, entitled ‘The Light of Day,’ he features one 24 hour window in the life of an ex-cop who now works as a private detective. This character has a very imperfect history. His current personal liaison is with a past client. There is also a series of fairly recent disastrous mishaps and incidents that are sensitively and whimsically depicted in the story. It is a tale of compelling passion, homicide and eventual atonement. Swift is a really wonderful narrative writer.

Young Adult Pick: ‘A Dog’s Porpoise’ by M.C. Ross

DVD Pick: ‘The Grizzlies’ starring Ben Schnetzer, Tatoo Cardinal and Eric Schweig – the inspiring film about Inuit students in a small, struggling community who are changed forever through the power of sport – a great Canadian film!

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