Assiginack Public Library Feature

In 2012, Winnipeg broadcaster and musician Wab Kinew’s dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Wab decided to spend a year getting reacquainted and connected to his often remote but highly adept and gifted father. His story, ‘The Reason You Walk,’ recounts the sensitive, hurtful moments of their past and rejoices in their rekindled aspirations and hopes for the future. This book calls forth restorative spiritual repair and graceful forgiveness. It is the heartwarming chronicle of a father and son reviving and recovering a loving kinship covenant.

‘Lands of Lost Borders: Out of Bounds on the Silk Road,’ by Canadian writer Kate Harris is a national bestseller. This is a story abounding with high adventure and illustrates the broadened changes that travelling brings to those who take on global exploration, trekking and wayfaring. This is an awesome learning experience and a thoroughly entertaining and enlightening read!

Six different romances by six different authors all take place in historic light stations. The book entitled, ‘The Lighthouse Bride’s Collection,’ is an enjoyable trip through simpler times when lonely people are brought together under these watchful, waterside beacons. Light towers have always represented and granted hope and security to all in need. Good read!

‘The Book of M: A Novel’ by new author Peng Shepherd is like a dark, bleak fairytale set in an apocalyptic future. A strange aberration begins occurring across the planet—people are losing their shadows and with them their memories. The story follows the journey of a man searching for his wife before all of her memories are gone. It is an interesting look at memory and love—the importance of staying connected even as the world as you know it is truly disappearing before your eyes. This is a tale both baffling and imaginative.

Young Adult Pick: ‘The Blood Spell’ by C.J. Redwine.

DVD Pick: ‘Peter Rabbit’ starring Rose Byrne, Domhnail Gleeson and an animated cast of very charming and adorable bunnies! A great family film!

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