Assiginack Public Library Feature

If you enjoy stories about ordinary people stepping up to fight against tyranny, oppression and fascist conditions, then you will enjoy, ‘A Train in Winter: An Extraordinary Story of Women, Friendship and Survival in World War II.’ Author Caroline Moorehead has researched and documented a powerfully inspirational book. It is about the lives of the brave French women who risked their freedom and very existence when they became involved with the French underground resistance. They worked on plans and plots to damage and destroy the Nazi regime. The writer interviewed six of these amazing women and their stories ring out loud and clear in this remarkable book.

Megan Cox Gurdon is a book critic and at one time a foreign correspondent. Her book, ‘The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction’ is based on the newest evidence from brain science and behavioural investigation. Gurdon shows how reading out loud is a remedy for short attention spans, families drifting apart and the constant distraction of the technical age. Wonderful things happen when children are read to–sharing a story out loud will jump start imagination and bring people closer together. The author’s tips, advice and advocacy for reading out loud will restore and pass on the gift of magic from the reader’s own childhood on another generation.

‘The Adjustment League’ by writer Mike Barnes is a subconscious adventure for those who enjoy unusual thrillers. A man starts probing into the possible neglect of a family elder in an affluent household in Toronto. He has been tipped off by someone from his past. This investigative process starts to expose a tangle of corruption and brutality. This is a riveting, memorable novel that focuses on the outcome of inhumanity, abusive wealth and demeaning influence on the most fragile members of society.

Alexander McCall Smith’s newest volume of his ‘No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency’ series is another terrific novel that continues to enchant readers worldwide. ‘The Land of Long Lost Friends’ takes us back to the beauty and simplicity of Botswana for another adventure with the Detective Agency ladies. This is a wonderful series that I highly recommend. Smith is a terrific writer, creating authentic, lovable characters and bringing to readers pleasure and entertainment in a gentle, wise and humourous way.

Young Adult Pick: ‘Sled Dog’ by Terry Lynn Johnson.

DVD Pick: ‘Sharkwater Extinction’ is an amazing documentary by Canadian Rob Stewart about sharks and the current useless slaughter of them by humans despite their importance in nature’s chain of life. The underwater footage is sensational!

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