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‘Open Heart, Open Mind’ by Canadian Clara Hughes is an honest and very personal look at her life in the highly aggressive and competitive world of stamina sports. This lifestyle masked the other side of this record-breaking athlete’s life. Hughes’ win at the Olympics in Italy in 2006 made her the first ever athlete to win multiple medals in both the summer and winter Olympic Games. She has become a sporting legend here and abroad. When she finally retired from the competitive sport circuit she set about turning her constant depression battle into something productive and positive. Hughes has gone on to become a champion for public health initiatives in Canada and worldwide. She is the national representative for Bell Canada’s ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign, which is committed to tearing down the stigma attached to mental health conditions. Her personal struggles with mental illness forged her dedication to this cause and it has been a huge part of her own path to healing. It has also fostered hope and provided help for thousands of others who suffer and struggle. A true heroine—on the ice, on a bike—but especially on the side of those who often are marginalized and have no way to voice the difficulties that they face daily. Bravo, Clara!

‘Educated: A Memoir’ is the story of prevailing in the face of boundless misery and hardship. The author, Tara Westover writes clearly and honestly about her ordeals while growing up. This has become one of the most popular non-fiction books at our library in the past year. It is a remarkable, beautifully written, powerful true story that will make you angry, sad, proud and totally absorbed. The book chronicles the author’s traumatic experiences while attempting to endure her upbringing and family—truly a study in resilience, determination, reflection and personal redemption. This will become a memoir classic! It should be on everyone’s reading list.

‘A Single Thread’ is an inspiring and poignant tale set in England in the year 1932. The story of a British woman who lost her brother and her fiancée in the horrors of WWI. She is determined to find a life for herself so that she doesn’t become as bitter and lonely as her mother. Violet moves to Winchester where she finds a job, a room for rent and a new lease on life. Author Tracy Chevalier is a wonderful writer – her novel, ‘Girl With the Pearl Earring,’ is one of my all-time favourite novels. This book is also an awesome reading opportunity!

John Grisham has written 33 novels, one non-fiction book and seven novels for young adults. He is a prolific and much-loved author. His newest book titled ‘The Guardian’ is another winner. Grisham has a real talent for connecting law, drama and an edge of your seat excitement—a rush, a thrill and always a twist!

Young Adult Pick: ‘The Love Pug: All’s Fair in Love and Pugs’ by J.J. Howard.

DVD Pick: ‘Green Book,’  starring Viggo Mortenson and Mahershala Ali, is inspired by a true story—the tale of an unforgettable friendship. Terrific acting, an Academy Award winner for best film in 2019

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