Assiginack Public Library Feature

‘The Dance Cure: The Surprising Science to Being Smarter, Stronger, Happier’ by Dr. Peter Lovatt is a wonderful book. Dr. Lovatt is the founder of the Dance Psychology Lab and Movement in Practice Academy. He is also a former professional dancer. Dr. Lovatt’s dedicated investigation into the benefits of dance as a tool to change people’s lives for the better is an easy read. It has plenty of actual examples and let’s face it—doesn’t letting yourself dance whenever you want or need to sound a whole lot more enjoyable then taking more medications and tests? Lovatt has discovered that dance can give those suffering from diseases (such as Parkinson’s and Dementia) real joy. It also helps with the reduction of anyone’s depression and has shown increases in self-esteem and happier levels of social bonding between people of all ages. The author really wants us all to get moving and get happier. Cha-cha, polka, swing, line-dancing, macarena, ballet, hip-hop, waltz and so many more options—just dance folks!

Sudbury born Alex Trebek left us on November 8, 2020 after a courageous struggle with cancer. Alex began his career with the CBC. He then went on to host several successful game shows. He was the much loved and respected host of ‘Jeopardy’ for 36 years! Alex never planned on writing a book until he was diagnosed with cancer. He decided that he wanted to thank the people who have been praying for him and supporting him throughout his treatments. His book, entitled, ‘The Answer Is…Reflections on My Life’ is a personal memoir from a talented and charming man who earned and deserved the respect of his peers and the public. Alex was also an incredible humanitarian, travelling and working with World Vision for 40 years. Alex will be greatly missed by his family, fans world-wide and the industry to which he gave his all. May he rest in peace.

‘The Pull of the Stars’ by Canadian author Emma Donoghue is a story set in Dublin, Ireland over a period of three days in the year 1918. Three women from very diverse backgrounds come together to make a difference. This is an inspiring tale of hope and endurance. Donoghue’s novel speaks to the reader of a sad, dark time in human history, brought back into the light by the unselfish dedication, extraordinary efforts and tender care of truly remarkable individuals. This story situation is a reflection of the days and times we are currently living in. It is a very timely book and one of my favourite reads in the last year!

‘A Town Called Solace’ by bestselling author Mary Lawson is a terrific novel. The story is set in a small Northern community and as the tale unfolds a mystery from years before starts to resurface and unravel. The book is full of suspense, humour, sorrow and has a cast of memorable characters. A great read!

Young Adult Read: ‘The Ickabog’ by J.K.Rowling has the reader joining in on a great adventure with two best friends as they try to defend and save their homeland from a sinister monster.

DVD Pick: ‘Dolittle’ starring Robert Downey, Antonio Banderas and Michael Sheen—an epic adventure for the whole family. Downey was born to be Dr. Dolittle! Never a dull moment in this film.

The library is continuing to provide curbside pickup service. You can access the library’s book and DVD collection on the Township of Assiginack homepage under ‘Library.’ The instructions on how to use the curbside service is also there, or you can call the library on Tuesdays or Saturdays (705-859-2110) between 10 am and 3 pm for help or assistance. The library wireless internet is always on and can be accessed outside the building and from the parking lot. The password is on the front door of the Library.

Stay safe and well!