Assiginack Public Library Feature

‘True North Strange and Free: 1001 Canadian Eccentricities, Facts, Unusual Stories and Mysteries,’ is an engaging and fascinating collection compiled by Reader’s Digest. It features real oddities, curious anomalies, off-beat truths, incredible tales and perplexing enigmas. This book is chalk-full of interesting information and it is also beautifully illustrated—an entertaining and illuminating read!

New Zealand author Doug Gold’s book, ‘The Note Through the Wire: The Incredible True Story of a Prisoner of War and a Resistance Heroine’ is the remarkable true account of Gold’s real-life father and mother-in-law (Bruce and Josefine (Lobnik) Murray). Their story is set in the very midst of WWII. It is a remarkable chronicle of war, distance and hardships—all these facets were just no match for an unexpected and powerful love. This is an inspiring and moving tribute to two very special people. I really enjoyed this story!

Short story collections are good reading—they give the reader a banquet of tales—sometimes with a single independent idea running through them or the stories may have a series of very different themes. One of the newest short story anthologies, ‘How To Pronounce Knife’ is by Canadian author Souvankham Thammavongsa. She is best known for the four books of poetry that she has previously had published. This volume of stories is really well written—13 stories full of wisdom, empathy, humour and love.

Heather Morris is another excellent New Zealand author. Her first novel, ‘The Tattoo Artist of Auschwitz’ is an enthralling book based on a heart-rending true story—it quickly became a bestseller. Her newest book, ‘Cilka’s Journey’ is also based on true facts—it reveals the resilience of love and its importance in survival under brutal and inhumane situations. It shows an astounding example of strength of character, proof that never giving up can bring a person through terrible tests, times and tribulations.

Young Adult Read: ‘How Much Does Your Head Weigh?’ by Marg Meikle. Fun facts about science, inventions, sports, animals, customs, food and much, much more!

DVD Pick: ‘Black Spruce’ starring Tanaya Beatty, Brandon Oakes and Kiowa Gordon—a Northern Ontario Cree family search for a family member who has mysteriously disappeared in Toronto. 

A tense thriller with incredible impact!

The library is continuing to provide curbside pickup service. You can access the library book and DVD collection on the Township of Assiginack homepage under ‘Library.’ The instructions on how to use the curbside service is also there. Or you can call the library on Tuesdays or Saturdays (705-859-2110) between 10 am and 3 pm for help or assistance. The library wireless internet is always on and can be accessed outside the building and from the parking lot. The password is on the front door of the library. Stay safe and well!