Assiginack Public Library Feature by Debbie Robinson

Two men from different cultures and backgrounds travel together by small plane across Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia investigating the 500-year-old primary route that European immigrants took across this country.  ‘Ancient Land Ancient Sky’ by Peter McFarlane and Wayne Haimila is a unique perspective on the past and present of Canadian settlement patterns and their affects on the native population then and now—an interesting read.

‘Ada Blackjack: A True Story of Survival in the Arctic’ by Jennifer Niven is the riveting account of a 23-year-old Inuit woman and her determination to make a new life by escaping poverty and caring for her ailing son. This is a fascinating chronicle of a courageous woman who survived the agony and terror of the unforgiving northern wilderness, only to face an even more difficult torment when she miraculously returned to society. This is a true testament to the power of the human spirit.

‘W is for Wasted’ is the 23rd book in mystery writer Sue Grafton’s alphabet series that features Detective Kinsey Millhone. It is a deviously layered story that ultimately finds the good detective in a very precarious position. This is another great read from a master of the genre!

Jodi Picoult is the author of over 16 novels–she is an expert at creating a credible family tableau. Her readers often find themselves identifying personally with the characters in her stories. Some of Picoult’s bestsellers are, ‘My Sister’s Keeper,’ ‘Nineteen Minutes,’ ‘Change of Heart,’ ‘Handle With Care,’  ‘Keeping Faith,’  ‘Picture Perfect,’  ‘Perfect Match,’  and ‘House Rules.’  Ms. Picoult is an accomplished writer and a valued storyteller whose speciality is opening up and touching the heart of family relationships.

Teen Picks: ‘Theodore Boone’ by John Grisham and ‘The House of Hades’ by Rick Riordan.

DVD Pick: ‘Quantum of Solace’ starring Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko–another James Bond film on a quest for justice filled with non-stop action!

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