Assiginack Public Library Feature by Debbie Robinson

Andrew Schloss is a well-known food writer, author and foods expert.  He has published a book to assist the time-limited cook.  ‘Homemade in a Hurry’ has more than 300 concise and quick recipes for homespun dining pleasure. The book also contains tips on setting up the ideal pantry and creating your own homemade convenience food favourites. Everything you need to know about expedient, time-saving cookery!

And then there’s chocolate!  Debby Maugan’s book, ‘Small-Batch Baking for Chocolate Lovers’ is a handbook presenting a multitude of recipes for delicious cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, muffins and scones—all featuring chocolate as an ingredient. Each recipe is designed for making the perfect serving size and yield by creating recipes suited for two.  Desserts for every event, occasion and holiday that satisfy and attempt to protect your waistline.

British author, Rebecca Tope’s ‘Cotswald Mysteries’ are good books with a lively cast so typical of village life. There are plenty of surprises, and spins, secrets and subterfuges, as well as a decidedly beautiful ambiance which is established so well by the author.  Titles include, ‘Shadow in the Cotswalds,’ ‘Blood in the Cotswalds,’ and ‘A Cotswald Killing.’ You will enjoy Tope’s energetic and vivid writing skills.

John Grisham is the world-acclaimed author of 26 novels. His latest book, ‘Sycamore Row,’ returns to the scene and characters that he created in, ‘A Time to Kill’ some 20 years ago. This powerful story is further proof of Grisham’s true domination of sensational adventures that feature the law and all it’s foibles and quirks.

Teen Picks: ‘Defy’ by Sara B. Larson and ‘The Devil’s Arithmetic’ by Jane Yolen.

DVD Pick: ‘Saturday Night Fever’ starring John Travolta—classic disco drama!

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