Assiginack students help mark the blooming of the Canada 150 tulip garden

An Assiginack Public School student points out one of the many tulips that were planted by students at the Assiginack Public Library as part of 150 celebrations.

MANITOWANING—Last Friday afternoon, Assiginack Public School students gathered at the site of the Canada 150 tulip garden located outside the Assiginack Public Library to welcome the flowers in a delightful spring ceremony.

The students were welcomed by the Assiginack Horticultural Society’s Suzanne Robson who  noted that society members assisted the students in planting the tulip bulbs, both red and white, in the shape of the Canada flag last October. Assiginack Mayor Paul Moffatt also offered his words of welcome. While the red tulips had mostly blossomed, the white tulips had yet to reveal themselves. Members of the Horticultural Society explained that this was likely due to a later-blooming variety of tulip.

The children took great joy in pointing out which flowers they had likely planted, even recalling the row they’d helped to plant.

As part of the event, the students, led by teacher Ray Scott, sang the national anthem and ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips,’ much to the delight of the audience. The afternoon ended with sidewalk chalk art, all with a ‘what Canada means to me’ theme, and freezies for all.

Stop by the Assiginack Public Library to view the Canada 150 tulip garden.