LITTLE CURRENT—Seventy-two-year-old British Columbia retiree Ted Musson crossed the Little Current Swing Bridge this past weekend on his journey across Canada by foot to protest Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada.

Mr. Musson started his walk across Canada on May 9, 2013, leaving from city hall in Victoria, BC on route to Ottawa.

Walking against harper 1

Walking 10 km a day, the protester wears a sign on his back protesting Prime Minister Harper and sleeps nightly in his caravan. A one-man operation, Mr. Musson parks his caravan 10 km from where he left off the previous day and hitchhikes back to the spot he left off and then walks to the caravan each day.

This year he started off in Sault Ste. Marie, where he left off the previous winter, on April 1 and hopes to make it to Ottawa by mid to late September.

“I’m actually a shy person, or was, but doing this I’ve been forced open like a can opener,” joked Mr. Musson.

Walking against harper 2

“I was disappointed by the 2011 election, like most lefties, but then when the robot call scandal started making headlines, I knew I had to do something,” said Mr. Musson. “This seemed like the most bang for my buck to bring attention to the issue.”

Throughout his walk Mr. Musson has had several individuals stop to walk with him, and hopes that others will join him along the way and join him once he reaches Ottawa.

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