Beautiful card offers a ‘thank you’ to Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home staff

The sign says it all! This beautiful, supportive card was placed in front of the Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home building in Gore Bay last week by an unknown person(s) who expressed the feeling of all Gore Bay and area community members for the tremendous job being carried out by staff at the Lodge, during these most difficult of times with COVID-19.

GORE BAY – Staff at the Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home in Gore Bay received a beautiful, supportive gift in the form of a great big thank you card placed in front of the Lodge by an unknown person or persons late last week. 

The card reads, “Thank You Health Care Workers” was placed in front of the building and parking lot so that everyone can see it, and it is very much appreciated by employees of the Lodge, in these difficult times. 

“We certainly appreciate it,” said Jaime Lynn Kalmikov, an employee at the Lodge who had first alerted the Recorder about the sign. “It is beautiful and we very much appreciate it.”

“Yes, it is very much appreciated,” said Sue Farren, administrator and director of care, who acknowledged when she initially saw the sign, “it brought tears to my eyes.”

“On behalf of all the staff here at Manitoulin Lodge, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the love and support demonstrated by the community during this difficult time,” said Ms. Farren in a statement. “We know that you are thinking of your loved ones and we want to assure you that the comfort, safety and well-being of our residents has and continues to be our utmost priority and we are working tirelessly to continue to keep COVID-19 out of our home.” 

Diane Riching, an employee at the Lodge said in a post on a Facebook page, “thank you for thinking of us. To whoever put this in front of the nursing home, it touched my heart.”