Bell and Rogers on board to provide mobile-cellular services to residents of Manitoulin west

WESTERN MANITOULIN—Western Manitoulin Island municipalities have received some good news concerning the next steps being taken towards what is hoped to be mobile and cellular services being provided to this corner of Manitoulin.

“Things sounded very positive with the project when I talked to Morry (Brown) of NetCentral last week,” said Dale Van Every of Meldrum Bay. “Morry told me that Bell and Rogers have given the go ahead to the project and they (NetCentral) are getting a business plan together to take to FedNor.”

“It is good news, the process is going to the next step and we have been talking to various community groups and we are now requesting updated letters of support for the proposed project to present to the possible funders of the project, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and FedNor,” confirmed Mr. Brown, in an interview with the Recorder.

“We are asking for letters of support from the municipalities and First Nations in the area to show their support for cell and high capacity mobile broadband to meet future needs in the area,” said Mr. Brown. He explained, “Bell and Rogers have made a joint proposal for four towers to be located in Evansville, Morrisville, Meldrum Bay and Providence Bay.”

“They (Bell and Rogers) are looking at a long term availability and workability for the service,” continued Mr. Brown.

“Bell and Rogers would both have service on the towers, so customers would have a choice which company they would deal with for their services,” said Mr. Brown.

“It all sounds positive and if NetCentral can get the federal money required, the project would probably go ahead this summer,” said Mr. Van Every. “I was happy to hear the news from Morry. We need these services, for increased tourism and our local people in terms of safety when power is out.”

“We will now be preparing our funding application, and have these sent in shortly to both NOHFC and FedNor; this is be the beginning of the next phase of this project,” said Mr. Brown.

Tom Sasvari