Ben Caskenette finds fulfilment with friends and his feline Liger

Ben Caskenette

Ben Caskenette of Little Current, who many will know from his six years at Hilltop Shell in Little Current, is a well-travelled guy. Born on Manitoulin, the mark of a Haweater, Mr. Caskenette moved around a lot growing up, but eventually found himself back at his place of birth where he is surrounded by his father’s side of the family.

The young man enjoys hanging out with his friends and gaming, but admitted that much of his social life has been limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He said he’s looking forward to a time when it will be safe to do all the things he enjoys. At home, Mr. Caskenette’s pet cat Liger keeps him company.

One of Mr. Caskenette’s favourite pastimes is swimming, but between chilly weather and working, he didn’t get as much swim time in as he would have liked this summer.

Mr. Caskenette said he enjoys working at Hilltop Shell because it’s a “nice, steady job” where he deals with “typically kind people.”

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