Bidwell family home destroyed in blaze

No one was home at the time of the Bidwell blaze. photo by Mark Anderson

BIDWELL—The Bidwell home of Kathy Janoki and family was completely destroyed by fire Monday morning.

“It was fully engulfed when we got there,” said Assiginack Fire Chief Dwayne Elliott.

The home, known as the White house, was located at the corner of Bidwell Road and Scotch Line.

“NEMI was dispatched first, but it was fully engulfed when they arrived as well,” the fire chief added. Two trucks from Assiginack and three from the Northeast Town were on the scene.

Both the Assignack Fire Department and the Northeast Fire
Department responded to the fire.
photo by Alicia McCutcheon

The two crews arrived mid-morning and were still on-scene by late afternoon.

Ms. Janoki told The Expositor that the home belonged to her mother and that she had purchased it from her mom four years ago.

“The cause will be undetermined,” Mr. Elliott said, explaining that there was so little left of the building that finding the cause of the blaze would be next to impossible.

The Janoki family was not home at the time of the fire.

A donation jar for the Janokis has been set up at Green Acres Restaurant, Ms. Janoki’s place of employment. The family members that were currently living at the home consist of Ms. Janoki, her partner Ivan and their 15-year-old son.