Billings Township enters into contract with Calhoun for outdoor rink cover

KAGAWONG—The outdoor rink in Kagawong will soon have a cover over the ice surface area that will  make it a multi-use facility.

At a special meeting last week Billings council approved a recommendation to enter into a contract with Calhoun Super Structure for the supply and installation of a soft-cover structure over the outdoor rink.

“The purpose for tonight’s meeting is to choose a supplier for the supply and installation of an outdoor rink cover,” said Billings Mayor Ian Anderson.

Councillor Bryan Barker was council’s representative in meetings held with the companies that had tendered a bid on the supply and installation of a rink cover. “The request for quotations process for the supply and installation of a soft cover structure on this project was initiated on March 15 and closed on May 2. Staff received four proposals,” he said.

The quotes were evaluated by the town clerk, the municipal project manager, the public works superintendent and Deputy Mayor Barker. “This was a request for quotes session, so cost quote was the dominating factor,” said Councillor Barker. “However, other information was considered in the decision. The decision was unanimous to select Calhoun Super Structure (based out of Sudbury) as the successful bidder.”

The three quotes submitted included Calhoun Super Structure at a bid of $222,338.80 (HST included), Multi-Build Solutions Group with a bid of $316,400 (HST included) and Britespan, with a bid of $394,0006.52 (HST included). The Calhoun bid was for a building cover of 100×65 feet, made of fire-retardant PVC fabric, with a 25 year life expectancy and 15 year warranty.

Councillor Barker noted that the project is funded through FedNor. He explained the total outdoor rink project value was estimated at $279,835 (FedNor is funding 75 percent of the project up to $209,538) which includes the purchase of the rink boards, lighting, retaining wall, site prep and the supply and installation of a cover. The remaining 25 percent is the township’s responsibility (approximately $44,907). We have received $44,109 of the funding to date for the rink boards, retaining wall and site prep; $165,429 will be available to spend on the supply and installation of the rink cover. This project will be over budget. “It will cost more than the funding we received as we are waiting for the electrical quote to be received.

“I have no questions. I think this is a great project to get involved in,” said Councillor Michael Hunt. “Thanks to the office staff, clerk and anyone who was involved. This will make this a multi-season multi-functional facility.”

“I echo Michael’s enthusiasm on this,” said Councillor Sharon Jackson. “We have been working on this project as a council since day one of our term. It is amazing that this is actually happening. Calhoun is a good choice, they are very well known.”

“A huge shout out to Tiara (Mills), Todd Gordon and Kathy McDonald,” said Councillor Jackson. She said that since the township had originally been turned down for funding of the project from FedNor, “they could have thrown their hands in the air and given up, but they didn’t. This will be a wonderful project, and will keep people of the township entertained and active.”

“It looks excellent,” stated Councillor Alkenbrack.

“I would like to thank FedNor on behalf of the township for their generous funding,” said Mayor Ian Anderson. “This funding was critical to us moving forward on this project. There were a lot of people that helped make all of this possible, including the office staff, rink committee and members of the community. This project has been a priority for council in this term. During the first month, our council made it clear that we really wonted to do something like this.”

The supply and installation of the rink cover is expected to take within 10-12 weeks, according to the township’s agreement with Calhoun Super Structure.