Billings township proposal to purchase St. Paul’s church still being considered

Old Church on the Hill in Kagawong

KAGAWONG—Sudbury Presbytery has not yet made a final decision on whether to accept a proposal from the Township of Billings for the purchase of the St. Paul’s On the Hill United Church in Kagawong.

Barb Nott, chair of the Presbytery, told the Recorder this past Sunday, “the Presbytery is in the process of making a decision on the proposal. The motion has gone to Sudbury Presbytery to be looked at October 24, to look at the proposal that has been made by a trustee.”

Ms. Nott acknowledged, “we have been given a proposal for the future of the church building. At the upcoming executive meeting this will be discussed and a decision made at that level. Then it will go on to the Presbytery court on November 1 for a final decision and notification.” She noted the township has provided a quote on the purchase of the church building, but would not divulge what amount this is at this time.

As had been reported previously, Billings township council considered options on how it could help to keep one of the oldest buildings in the township useable, with its pending closure. Delegates of St. Paul’s On the Hill United Church met with council to explain that due to decreasing congregation numbers the church will be closing. They were seeking council’s input on potential municipal interest in the church.

Council then passed a motion to enter into negotiations with the owners to purchase the church.