Blocked river mouth issue a ‘no-brainer’

To the Expositor:

I would like to thank all involved for digging out the mouth of the political Mindemoya River. Thank you for saving these non-political fish. An hour after the backhoe left I stood at the river mouth. What did I see? A six foot 6 ft. wide by 36 ft. long by 18 in. deep passage was dug through the sand with no harm done to the environment. In front of me was one hundred ten to twenty pound Chinook salmon climitazing to the political river water getting ready to make their way up the political waters ahead. As I looked out further in the bay I saw a school of one hundred Chinook and another and another. There was over one thousand Chinook salmon ready to fight these political waters for they could spawn then die. It should be a “no brainer” that when the mouth of the political Mindemoya River is blocked and only when the non-political fish are there should we dig the mouth of the river and let the political waters flow. And more than once if needed. Once upon a time there were two hundred to five hundred people fishing from shore at the mouth of the political Mindemoya River trying to catch non-political fish. Question—where have all the people gone? And why? Every picture tells a story.

Yours truly,
Jamie McDermid
Providence Bay